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Have you seen this sneak peek?

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Rainy Day Friends is ALMOST here!

Have you read the first chapter?

Most of the time karma was a bitch, but every once in a while she could be surprisingly nice, even kind. Lanie Jacobs, way past overdue for both of those things, told herself this was her time. Seize the day and all that. She drew a deep breath as she exited the highway at Wildstone. (read the rest here!)

Rainy Day Friends

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It’s here, it’s here!

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FINALLY The Good Luck Sister hits today, $1.99 ($3.99 in print)! I’ve been waiting so long to bring this one to you!


Need a longer tease to sell ya? How’s this…

She got out of the car and headed to her classroom, her purse over one shoulder with Leo’s head out bouncing with her every step, his tongue lolling happily at the sights.

“Arf!” he said in an excited bark so high it was almost inaudible.

Tilly tried to catch some of his enthusiasm, and clutching her things, kept moving.

It was going to be a day of firsts. First day of the week. First day of teaching. First day of skipping breakfast thanks to the nerves of first day of teaching.

And first day of being speechless as a few minutes later, with Leo now asleep in her bag, standing in front of her students, specifically the guy sitting front and center.

At the sight of him, time stuttered to a halt. So did the breath in her lungs. She had to be seeing things. Stress induced, exhaustion induced, lack of sugar induced . . . Whatever the reason, she fumbled for her glasses in the front pocket of her portfolio and slid them on. Pushing them up her nose, she took another peek.

But nope, he was still sitting there, the unwelcome blast from her past, his dark eyes taking her in, expression hooded and unreadable. Continue reading “It’s here, it’s here!”

Rainy Day Friends…

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I’m so excited as the reviews roll in for RAINY DAY FRIENDS! First one is a biggee, a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly!!!

The review’s first line is: “Shalvis entices with sensuous romance and a touch of humor as one woman’s journey of healing takes her to a California winery…” And then finishes up with …

Yay! Can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this one. 🙂 If you’re planning on picking it up, I’d love to know … will you be reading digital or print, and from where? Inquiring minds wanna know. 🙂

Rainy Day Friends

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Shalvis 2018 schedule!

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I thought maybe you might be wondering what I have coming out this year. Lots of new stuff and also lots of reprints!

For the details and buy links go here… p.s. note the title change on September’s book to HOT WINTER NIGHTS. 🙂

Before you go, what are you looking most forward to reading? I’ll be drawing three random commenters who will get the book of their choice!

ABOUT THAT KISS hits the shelves!

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Today’s the day! My latest, ABOUT THAT KISS has been released into the wild! And Goodreads just named it one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2018! (About That Kiss is a stand alone in the Heartbreaker Bay series) Forced to contact a fixer who never called her after a kiss, a woman desperate to recover a precious stolen object makes discoveries that compel both to give their relationship a chance.

Continue reading “ABOUT THAT KISS hits the shelves!”