More pics from the movie set…!

So as some of you know, there’s a movie being made of The Trouble With Mistletoe by a new streaming service. Passionflix expects to release the movie next month and I’ve got some stills from the set!



Feeling the gratitude…

“I can’t sneak and read your books at work anymore because you make me laugh too hard.”

“Your book kept me company while sitting at my mom’s hospital bedside and I’ll forever be grateful for the smiles you provided.”

“You don’t know this, but you’ve been there for me in a very tough year. Thank you for your warm, funny, sexy books.”

These are some of the letters I’ve received this year from readers showing their gratitude but the truth is, I’m the grateful one. Writing can be a lonely business but it’s nice to know I’m never alone, that readers are right there with me.

In my latest book Chasing Christmas Eve… (more…)


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The job…


I’m going to end this post asking you to tell me about your job and I’m having a giveaway (3 copies of Chasing Christmas Eve) so be sure to comment! One of the questions I get asked the most is where do I get my ideas. I’ve often quipped that I buy them from a warehouse in Toledo but the truth is I just have ideas floating around in my head. I don’t know why. […]

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