Forever and A Day

By noon, Josh wasn’t even halfway through his day, and he’d already been overloaded, overworked, and quite possibly teetering on the edge of burnout. He could feel it creeping in on him in unguarded moments, like now when he was parking his car between his house and the beach to deal with Grace Brooks.

He knew who she was. He’d seen her around. Blue eyes, a quick smile, long, shiny blonde hair, and a willowy yet curvy body that could drive a man right out of his mind if he gave it too much thought.

As he walked across the sand towards the water, doing his best not to give it any thought, he caught sight of her in the water. She was facing the waves, her hands on her head in a distraught pose. With a frown, he picked up the pace, just as something dashed towards him in his peripheral vision.

Something small.

Something evil.

Something named Tank. Josh scooped up the sand-covered puppy and held it away from him. The pug wriggled intently, running in air, trying to get closer to Josh. Finally giving up, Tank refocused his attention on the woman in the ocean.

“Oh, I see her,” Josh said. “And what the hell have you done now?”