Want to see your pet in one of my books…?

So would you like to see your pet in one of my books…?

To enter:
1. Preorder Hot Winter Nights.
2. Go here and fill out the form.

There. You’re done! 🙂 Can’t wait to see who’s pet ends up in one of my books!!!!!

Hot Winter Nights

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My baby…

So Oldest went backpacking at Half Dome in Yosemite. If you’ve ever had the chance to see Half Dome in person, then you know how amazing a place it is. I’m betting at the very least that you’ve seen pictures of the glorious peak in calendars and art galleries or online.

Bet you haven’t seen this picture. Oldest after an all day climb. She’s the little dot on the cliff.

Here she is on the right with her friends. I look at this picture and can feel my womb clutch. That is my baby. On a cliff. On purpose.

I can’t even climb a ladder without getting dizzy. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Four legged romance sidekicks

I often get asked why I put animals in my romance novels. Especially dogs. They make great companions for one thing. They add fun and humor and undeniable heart. Plus they’re the ultimate confidant and then there’s the biggest reason – they give unconditional love. Here’s my Top Five reasons why dogs make great sidekicks.

1. Because when you’re on the mountain trail and you come across an angry mama bear and her baby cubs, your dog will run like hell. This will warn you to run like hell as well. Just be careful because if your dog is like my dog, he will throw you under the bus (or in this case bear) to get home before you do.

2. Because when all the cookies are gone you can totally blame your cookie loving dog. No one has to know that you ate all the cookies yourself. And your dog can give you dirty looks for blaming him but he can’t actually talk and dispute your story. Solid alibi.

3. Because if you’ve eaten in a way that disagrees with your stomach, there are never any worries. Your dog will always, ALWAYS, out stink you. And if he doesn’t, you can still point the finger at him. Again, he can’t talk and dispute your story.

4. Dogs are not just great sidekicks but they also make great a really great wingman. If you’re single, you can totally put your dog to work at charming the person you’re interested in. Just make sure that person likes dog drool and dog hair all over everything first.

5. There is never a need for a pillow or extra blanket because your dog will always be willing to get into bed with you and share body heat. Always. Just be forewarned. Being a great sidekick is not the same thing as a good bed partner. They have a habit of being a total bed hog.

Meet Gracie from Rainy Day Friends… 🙂

Now we’re cooking…

So my favorite go to recipe is VERY complicated. Step one, open crockpot. Step two, toss in boneless chicken breasts. Step three, pour in a jar of salsa. Step four, turn crockpot on low, cover, and go away. Step five, come back in eight hours, shred the chicken and use for nachos, burritos or quesidillas and EAT.

But my family tends to balk if I do that every night.

So this is where you can save me. Share your fast, easy, delicious recipes? My family thanks you from the bottom of their hungry hearts. 😛

Jill Does Entertainment Weekly!

I’m so excited I can hardly type this but Entertainment Weekly did an exclusive cover reveal of Playing For Keeps and interview of little ‘ol ME!! Check it out here! Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think! XOXO!

Hot Winter Nights

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I Love Lucy tales

A deadline is looming over my head and yet the camera on my phone woke me up the other morning, calling my name.

“Psst!” my camera said. “Forgetaboutwork … I’m more fun.”

And damn if my camera wasn’t right. It was WAAAAAY more fun to walk along the Truckee River than work. And I only had to climb two fences and pass a DO NOT TRESPASS sign …

I cut my calf. Never let it be said that I don’t suffer for my art. At the time though, mostly I was worried about the scent of my blood drawing bears and coyotes oh my.

Probably I should have been more worried about where I parked, since I got a ticket.

If Alpha Man is reading this, I’m just kiddin’. Of course I wasn’t stupid enough to park in the same place I parked last time. And I most definitely wasn’t stupid enough to get yet another ticket. Probably.

And if my editor is reading this, this whole blog is a figment of your imagination because I am writing. Writing like a dog. I swear it.

On the two tickets I didn’t get …

Recipe for a bad ‘tude…

Gorgeous Donner Lake
One boat
One Alpha Man

Combine ingredients
Remain on lake as long as it takes, until attitude improves
Repeat as necessary

p.s. I’m working on an article about social networking. My part will be about my blog, and what makes it work. So … what makes my blog work for you? That I don’t talk all that much about my writing? Or when I DO talk about writing? The mention of my books, or when I talk about my life? Help me out … what brings you back?