Tueday Tidbits

I’m on a deadline. Fingers crossed for me, because oh boy am I cutting it close.

Also I’ve been working outside because the sun made an appearance and stayed all week. But people keep coming over to talk to me. People who think nothing of looking over my shoulder to read what I’m working on, and the last time that happened, it was a friend of a friend and she happened to catch a certain line I’d written. It actually wasn’t a line meant to be in the book, it was a note to myself. And it said:


Yes. I seriously wrote that, and she seriously read that, and now I can’t look her in the eyes.

Ever again.

So I try not to work in public anymore.

So I’m behind. And grumpy. And the ONLY people happy to see me right now are Frat Boy and Cali.

Dogs are a gift from heaven. You know, when they’re not peeing in your house. Or eating your socks.

Oh and while you’re here, can you tell me what your significant other calls you? It’s for research, so a good cause. 😉 Alpha Man calls me “Woman” when he thinks he’s being funny. He’ll also call me honey or sweetheart, BUT when I’m being … difficult (hey, it happens) he’ll call me CeeDub. Short for C.W. Short for Crack ‘Ho. Trust me, it’s a term of affection. Hey, that’s how we roll around here. 😛

I Love Lucy

So I mostly drive an automatic. I used to drive a stick, years ago, BK (before kids) but in the child raising years of my life, I found I needed both hands free to handle whatever situation came up in the car, things like “mom the dog is chewing my seatbelt” or “Mom, did you bring my uniform” or “Mom, there’s a cop following you”. Those kinds of things.

Yeah. Sometimes the stick is just too much.

But even with the automatic, I have plenty of I LOVE LUCY moments. Like the other day. No, I didn’t lock my keys in my car with the car running in a snow storm outside the grocery store. That’s so last year. No I didn’t fall onto a parked BMW and scratch it with the keys in my hand as I hit the street and broke my foot. That would be embarrassing. Besides, I already did that.

I got into my car after having breakfast with a friend and drove forward instead of backing out of my parking spot, and got my car stuck on a parking cement block what-ever-it’s-called thingie.

Seriously. I really do shit like that. I’m not sure why. I’m educated. I’m a thinker. I’m a planner. And this sort of thing STILL happens to me.

Maybe it’s because I spend most of my life with my head in the clouds plotting and planning books? Or maybe I’m just a natural ditz. But as Alpha Man sometimes says in complete bafflement when I’ve just told him one of these situations I’ve gotten myself in, sometimes it’s hard to be me.

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Happy Hump Day

This is who I’m using today as hero inspiration, and you know I like to share with you all.

I’d feel terrible keeping all my hard work and research to myself…

Simply terrible. But ladies (and any gentleman who are brave enough to venture here!), meet Mark Capriotti, a gruffly handsome Air Force veteran turned deputy sheriff, who in RAINY DAY FRIENDS, manages to wind his way into my heroine Lanie’s cold, broken heart…

Rainy Day Friends

Excerpt | Ordering Links | all about Wildstone Series

Coop The Poop’s parentals

So you’ve all heard a lot of about Coop The Poop, who once upon a time was fostered by Oldest and her The Boy. Coop was tiny and sort of helpless, having been ditched on the streets of San Francisco and left on his own. After fostering something like 75 animals, Oldest (and her The Boy 🙂 fell in love with Coop and adopted him, making him their Forever Fur Baby. I thought maybe after all this time, you might like to see what Coop The Poop’s parents look like…

I know. They should be on the cover of one of my books, right? I think so too. But alas, only Coop The Poop made the cut, with my upcoming $1.99 novella THE GOOD LUCK SISTER.

Don’t miss it!

The Good Luck Sister

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Marriage and bad hair…

So when you’ve been married since the Ice Age and you’re traveling to a place of high humidity — which your hair reacts to by becoming a squirrel’s tail — and someone says very seriously to you and your husband that they want a nice pic of the two of us…

This is the sort of thing that happens. Yes, we’re a pair of twelve year olds.

But seriously, since the dawn of time. I’m curious, what’s your longest relationship?

The Good Luck Sister

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So here’s what happens when you need new prescription for your glasses. You get onto an elevator before your family, they yell “hold the door” and you hit what you think is the hold the door button and … the elevator door closes. Because what you pushed wasn’t a button at all but the braille sign for hold the door…

And then you get lost because you didn’t know where you were going. Your family knew. The family you left in the elevator hallway.

Getting old sucks.

The Good Luck Sister

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How I Monday…

So we got tired of the snow and drove south until we found sun and surf. The first thing I did was stub my toe, probably because I hadn’t worn sandals in seven months.

Then Alpha Man, being a boy, went walking instead of sitting on the beach and worshiping the sun, and there was this hungry bird calling to him in the water.

So Alpha Man would dig up a little crab.

And flip it to the hungry bird.

Who then wanted to marry Alpha Man.

And then there was this little girl, a perfect little stranger, who was watching him and then wanted her own little crab to flip to the little bird, only she couldn’t catch one. So Alpha Man helped her dig for the little crabs.

In a few days, it’ll be time to head back up to our mountain. But I hear it’s snowing there . . .

I’m not feeling the snow . . .

Nope. Not one little bit . . .

The Good Luck Sister

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The Good Luck Sister

This one stands alone (for $1.99 no less!!!) but if you read Lost And Found Sisters and loved Tilly, you’ll not want to miss her all grown up and seeking her own love story. 🙂

Need another teaser from The Good Luck Sister? How about:

Tilly Adams stared at the doctor in shock. “Say that again?”
Dr. Janet Lyons smiled. “I think Leo faked being sick so you’d stay home from work today.”
Tilly looked down at Leo. “You do know he’s a dog, right?”

Longer excerpt here. Available in digital and print, and if you’d do me the honor of keeping me employed, I’ll be forever grateful. XOXO!!!

The Good Luck Sister

Excerpt | Ordering Links | all about Wildstone Series