What book started it all…

Recently I was asked what book introduced me to romance, and what do I remember about it?

Long story, actually. 馃檪 I grew up as the only non-athlete in my family. I was little, scrawny, and completely uncoordinated. I was a wallflower, and the only thing that made me come to life was a book. The town library was my favorite place in the entire world. It sat directly between school and home — the perfect place to lose myself for hours.

This being in the days before cell phones and internet, I really have no idea what my mom thought I was doing all afternoon. Her only rule was, be home before the street lights came on. Fine by me. I鈥檇 sneak into the very back of the library where there were big, comfy bean bag chairs, and uncategorized romance novels on racks and racks. I鈥檇 open a Chem book, or whatever that day鈥檚 homework was, and then stick one of the naughty historicals from the racks right inside my school book. I started with Kathleen Woodiwiss The Flame And the Flower and then promptly inhaled everything she wrote and moved onto Judith McNaught.

I鈥檇 found my world, reading about juicy, forbidden love affairs between deliciously alpha heroes and the heroines I could only pretend to be. I got way more out of those books than I ever got out of Sex Ed class. A girl can鈥檛 get a better education than a good old fashioned historical romance.

How about you? What book started it all, introduced you to romance? And what do you remember about it?

Bah Humbug…

So we put up out Christmas tree and lovingly put up our ornaments. And by lovingly, I mean we all fought and argued and were annoyed by the time we finished. Good times.

Three hours later, all of us sound asleep, we heard a huge, thundering crash.

The tree had fallen over.

Ornaments crushed, destroyed, tree looking sad and pathetic, and one very prissy cat sitting on the back of the couch carefully washing her face, a job well done.

The good thing is, the cat did NOT get to the freshly baked cookies, so really, all is well.


So I’m wondering, how do you feel about New Year’s resolutions?

My 2017 resolution was to stop worrying so much about the things I can鈥檛 control. Like the news. Or the fact that it鈥檚 hard to bake cookies at altitude.

But here it is nearly 2018 and I still worry about those things. Especially the cookies. So the plan for this next year will be more simple. Maybe I’ll read the news with my eyes squinted. And I’ll buy my cookies in the store instead of trying to bake them.

How about you?

Happy Hump Day

First of all, how did it get to be Wednesday already? And second of all…

How about today’s writing inspiration? I needed something good to take my mind off the fact that Prince Harry is now lost to me forever, sigh…

The end is near…

There’s a man cold in the house … and it’s me. I have the man cold.


This is pretty much a conversation Alpha Man and I just had, only it’s me in the bed. And I’m not even sorry. In a few minutes I’m going to text him and ask for cookies… And the remote. I can’t reach it. It’s two feet away on my nightstand.

Two Things to Explore on JillShalvis.com:

A peek at my movie!

I can’t tell you how big a thrill this is but over the weekend, I got this teasing peek at the upcoming movie being made of my book The Trouble With Mistletoe!

Trouble With Mistletoe Teaser from Sara Mallion on Vimeo.

I think I’ve watched it a million times… For more info on how to get the streaming service, go to Passionflix.com (hint: You can wait to subscribe until my movie comes out and then unsubscribe at any time)

So … what do we think?????

Happy Hump Day!

So I’m been marathoning This Is Us on Hulu and oh my goodness. The hot men in this show… I love and adore them all, but Justin Hartley is today’s writing inspiration.

And while you’re here, this year People Magazine named Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive for 2017. I love and adore Blake but I’m not 100% I see him as sexy. To me, sexy means that for whatever reason (his sense of humor, his eyes, his laugh, his abs …) whatever it is that attracts you, makes you want to lick him like a lollipop. Wait, did I say that out loud? Sorry. 馃檪 What do you all think, who are some other candidates in your opinion?

The job…

I’m going to end this post asking you to tell me about your job and I’m having a giveaway (3 copies of Chasing Christmas Eve) so be sure to comment!

One of the questions I get asked the most is where do I get my ideas. I’ve often quipped that I buy them from a warehouse in Toledo but the truth is I just have ideas floating around in my head. I don’t know why. What I don’t have, at least all the time, is the ability to easily put them to the page. I know it doesn’t seem like it because I get to write on my awesome deck in my pjs and bunny slippers but … writing is hard. Some days more than others. Today is a hard day and I’m trying to write a very funny, very hot scene and all I want to do is call up that warehouse in Toledo and buy it.

Now that I’ve vented, I’d love to hear what you do for a living…

p.s. don’t forget to preorder About That Kiss, coming in Jan!

Working views

Sometimes I whine about how hard writing is, and then there are days like this, where my view is such that there’s no complaints.

I wish you could all come sit with me but then I’d probably never finish this book. 馃檪 And also, you should know that this view required boots, long down jacket, scarf, gloves, hat and a hot chocolate. With marshmallows. What’s your view today?