New to Jill?

Are you new to Jill and wondering where to start? Have you loved one of her books or series and are excited to read more, but don’t know how to choose? The guide below can help you find your next favorite!

Do you love romances with animals in them?

Well you’re in luck! Almost all of my books over the past five years have involved animals but some more than others. Rescuing is a big part of my life, as are my beloved pets, four-legged and otherwise.

For a lovable old man golden retriever, who enjoys making his human chase the ball for him, try Lost and Found Sisters.

For a heroine who owns and runs a pet shop, complete with a grooming center, and who is always surrounded by one animal or another, try The Trouble with Mistletoe (being made into a movie for Dec 2017!) And as a bonus, the hero is in charge of his great aunt’s cat, who hates him, and there’s lots of humor there…

And then there’s my Animal Magnetism series, which takes place around an entire animal center. Think sexy veterinarians!

Do you like contemporaries set in the mountains?

Welcome to Cedar Ridge, Colorado. Three books about three very sexy brothers, set in a mountain ski resort. Think adventure and adrenaline with S&R, ski patrol, firefighters, and other high octane situations. The books can be read in any order, or you can start with Book 1, Second Chance Summer.

Do you like Romantic Comedy set in a city?

Try my Heartbreaker Bay series. The stories are all set in the Cow Hollow district of San Francisco, specifically in one old building with a courtyard and a famed, legendary fountain that is rumored to bring true love to those seeking it. Is it true? You’ll have to decide for yourself.  Each book stands alone, but if you’re into series, read them in order to get the full effect — start with Book 1, Sweet Little Lies.

Are you interested in more than romance? Do you want a bigger story, more depth, more conflicts?

Normally in my books, the relationships between the heroine and hero take center stage. And there is a romance in Lost and Found Sisters. In fact, there’s two. BUT … there’s also more. It’s also about the love between sisters. Between mom and daughter. Between girlfriends. And frenemies. This book is about love and loss and life coming full circle, about what it’s like to have something come back and bite you on the patoot and to make it out on the other side all the stronger for it. I think we can all relate to that, right? And no story about the story would be complete without touching on the setting of Wildstone, a character in its own right. I hope you enjoy!