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5 Reasons Dogs are the True Heroes of My Romance Novels
The Five Bromances That Bring Me To My Knees
Jill Shalvis Shares 5 Holiday Memories
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Jill Shalvis talks trying out a new genre and her latest pop culture obsession
Alpha Man’s Kiss Ass Breakfast Casserole
Jill Shalvis Talks About ‘Sweet Little Lies’ And Teases More ‘Heartbreaker Bay’ Books

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Crossover scene between Wildstone Series & Heartbreaker Bay Series
Heartbreaker Bay Bonus Scene



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Hot Winter Nights Letter
Rainy Day Friends Letter

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Film Extra: A peek at my movie!
Film Extra: New Set Pics!
Film Extra: The Trouble With Mistletoe Cast


Maddie’s Boyfriend Scarf
What book started it all…
Inspiration for the Lucky Harbor Series

Jill's Writing Views

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The Making Of...

The Making of…Lucky Harbor
Making of: Out of This World
Making of: Strong and Sexy
Making of: The Wilder Series