The Night Before Christmas

An anthology featuring six stories:
Ms. Humbug by Jill Shalvis
White Knight Christmas by Lori Foster
Snowed Under by Erin McCarthy
I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Kathy Love
Seducing Scrooge by Katherine Garbera
The Good Girl’s Guide To A Very Bad Christmas by Kylie Adams

Ms. Humbug
Wild, daring, a complete rebel, Matt is the man no woman can tame — until he kisses his nemesis, Cami, at the office holiday party, and suddenly, all bets are off … and running…

White Knight Christmas
Officer Parker Ross hates Christmas; Lily Donaldson lives for it. She’s determined to introduce him to the pleasures of the season, and he’s looking forward to being deliciously converted…

Snowed Under
Justin Fairbanks has always been attracted to Claire Robbins. When she gets soaked by a snowplow and asks him to help remove her wet clothes, well, what sane man could possibly say no?

I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Seven years ago, Rob Marsten chose work over the love of his life, Erica. Now, a snowstorm and a car rental mix-up leads to a reunion, and this time, Rob will show Erica exactly how much he wants her…

Seducing Scrooge
It’s Christmas Eve, and workaholic Jackson Peters is annoyed that his staff has left early. Only Krista Miller is still there, but from the look on her face, she doesn’t seem to have work on her mind…

The Good Girl’s Guide To A Very Bad Christmas
Peri Knight has had it with being good. She’s made a list of her top five sexiest fantasies, and in the week before Christmas, she’s going to live out every single one…

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The Night Before Christmas

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Reissued: Oct 1, 2006

ISBN-13: 978-0758212153

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