Caption This

So here we have Dobby The House Elf, aka Dumbass (and AGAIN, I promise she has earned that nickname, please don’t waste your breath telling me I’m mean) after she has done a string of, well, dumbass things such as eat the tender vittles from the kitty litter, chase the cat, and eat the roasted chicken that was supposed to be dinner. Yes, all of it.

Also, she’s “Sorry, Not Sorry” about any of it.


Caption what she might be thinking, one of you is going to win my next book The Lemon Sisters.


I’m not sure what this says about me, but this picture made my day.

Something about it just makes me grin. I know, I’m still sixteen, sue me.

And this pic below … Um… 馃檪 Anyway, here’s my question of the day . . .


馃槼 馃槼

Happy Hump Day

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, but let me help you ease the pain of the weekend still being so far away by giving you a peek at my today’s writing inspiration. 馃檪


You are welcome. Now before you go off and have a fabulous Wednesday, I have a question. What’s your favorite quality in a significant other? Mine might be humor. And heart. And smarts. And … well, I could go on and on but I want to hear from YOU. Go.

Is it Friday yet?

Which of the below happened to me yesterday? Trust me when I tell you that it was more than one … and it’s because apparently I have one of those faces that say please oh please tell me things I don’t want to know about you.

1. I asked an acquaintance how they were and was told that they would be better when their hemorrhoids went away.

2. A friend used “hoo haw” in a sentence referring to her Lady Town. You know who you are.

3. My dog ate every single … morsel out of the kitty litter and then licked my face. I might never recover. Ever.

4. Someone ate the last rack of peanut butter cookies and left me the empty box. You know who you are.

Go ahead. Guess. And yes, sometimes it’s hard to be me.

Happy Hump Day!

Today’s writing inspiration is also today’s CUTE. 馃檪


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