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So here we have Dobby The House Elf, aka Dumbass (and AGAIN, I promise she has earned that nickname, please don’t waste your breath telling me I’m mean) after she has done a string of, well, dumbass things such as eat the tender vittles from the kitty litter, chase the cat, and eat the roasted chicken that was supposed to be dinner. Yes, all of it.

Also, she’s “Sorry, Not Sorry” about any of it.


Caption what she might be thinking, one of you is going to win my next book The Lemon Sisters.

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  1. Guilty, moi? Hey, what’s that word? Enabler! Yeah, that’s it. I’m claiming enablers. Just look at this face. “Victim of love, I’m just a victim of love….”

  2. It was cold and snowy outside and I thought I’d starve to death…so yes, I did eat from the cat box, and the chicken was calling my name, and well…did I say it was snowing???

  3. I’m sorry Mom. I’ll never do it again. {Oh, boy, do I ever love tender vittles and chicken!}

  4. I swear I thought it was just a little gas. How hard is it to remove poop from a couch? Maybe Jill won’t be too mad at me.

  5. Who, me? I didn’t do anything! I’ve been sitting right here the whole time, I swear. I’m innocent! But surprisingly full…

  6. Actually, I can’t write any caption because I’m laughing sooo hard that I’ve been laughing so hard I’ve had to rewrite this at least 6 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mom, since you insist on calling me Dumbass, I have to do things to keep my namesake. Maybe change my nickname to Cute-and-Smart-Boy and I’ll change my ways.

  8. “Are you talking to me? I was thinking how delicious that chicken was… although it could have used a little more seasoning… next time, ok! You need to remember that!”

  9. Well now. I think we need to have a conversation. I am the queen of this establishment. I get to do whatever I’d like. You are JUST my person. Are we clear now?

  10. Mom thinks I’m sorry but I’m not.I’ll be good while she’s watching.Dang when is she going to leave?

  11. Jill is so gullible. As long as I look like I’m sorry, she’ll think I am. To bad this look doesn’t work on Alpha Man.

  12. Look deeply into my eyes. Now you are getting forgetful and you will no longer remember what I have done in the past. You will simply continue to love me in the future….cause you know I love you too.

  13. But I had to eat the chicken. I couldn’t get litter taste out of my mouth. By the way have I mentioned what a great cook you are?

  14. But Mom how was I suppose to know it wasn’t for me? It’s not like I can read the label or anything…URP…

  15. “Sorry not sorry”, hahaha mom is so funny. She really believes that. Just wait and see what I have pla – oh there goes Sadie, I’ll get that cat if it kills me!!

  16. Ok, they’re looking ticked off, engage cute face. Hmmm, oh brother, they’re mad and don’t even know about that thing I did in the kitchen yet…….

  17. She’s thinking Lemon Sisters has a great cover and she can’t wait to read it….and sorry not sorry about the chicken dinner..

  18. What? I cleaned the litter box, exercised the cat and and ate the food that was out….I saved you, it wasn’t very good.
    You mad at me? Whatever for?

  19. I only ate the chicken because I thought there was danger surrounding you. I am, in fact, your royal taster! As for the kitty litter cuisine, it’s too spicy for your delicate palette.

  20. Thank you Mommy for my dinner! It was sooooo good….wait…you’re mad? Oh no! Did i do it again? Ahhh crap!!

  21. “But, it was left out for me…” Eyes water “wasn’t it?”
    He thinks for a minute looking at you sadly… “I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time. Promise.”

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