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  1. 80 degrees again today. I know I shouldn’t complain given the horrible weather around the country, but I need a break from the horrible heat here in Florida. 🌼

  2. Guess I’m late posting, I’m in the Western Mtns (hills to you) of Maine…just fed the deer, Gray jays, etc. expecting 10 more inches of snow tonight…I garden, I’m so done with snow!!! Love the pictures Jill!

  3. Living in Ventura County by tbe coast, our days are in the 50’s & nights in the 40’s and breezy to windy. To me it’s cold. Spoiled with days in the 70’s and nights in low 60’s.. Hope you’re enjoying my violin playing. 😉

  4. 12 here …snow predicted later, finally….embarrassing AK is behind i the snow dept….din’t you have more a couple of years ago?

  5. Lovely snowy pictures – Snow is good on Christmas cards, Budweiser commercials but never touching my body.

    Here in Austin, lots more clouds and damp than normal for us. This is Texas, we are supposed to have tons of sun.

    We had nearly a week of 70’s within 2 days we were at freezing and windy.

    But, I am grateful to live here. Spring will be here eventually and that is what ultimately counts.

  6. Also in Atlanta, GA. Crazy for us is extreme variations. Almost 80, then 30’s. It’s crazy. Our winter is mild. It’s spring that worries us. Tornado season. Stay safe and warm! I love seeing the pictures!

  7. Atlanta, GA – Last week in the 70’s, this week in the 30’s. The good news is that we haven’t had any snow or ice (yes, we do get snow) yet and if we make it through March, we can start looking for Springtime. Stay warm!!

  8. First snow day here in Victoria, BC. Very rare for this area and more is predicted for today. Most of us moved here to get away from this stuff. Not a fan!

  9. Wow, that’s a lotta snow! Stay warm, please. The news this morning said that we had snow/sleet in the Vegas valley but all we had was rain and much wind last night. We are back in the 50’s today to no complaints here. Hang on to the furballs in those snowbanks!

  10. Ahh Michigan!!! Snow, ice, ice, snow. Of course it all comes overnight, so getting to work is fun! And finding unique ways to walk-or fall is practically a sport!🙄 Did I mention snow and ice?

  11. Here in Oklahoma we haven’t had a lot of snow but it’s been wetter than normal so it feels like it’s cold all the time. I’m ready for spring to get here.

  12. It looks so pretty and cold there.
    Yes, our weather is crazy one day in the upper 60’s and the next in the low 20’s. just when you think you are warm it hits again.

  13. Wow sorry for you. Here in southern Delaware we lucked out this time with only freezing rain now to just rain. We are due more rain very heavy starting tonight till Wednesday. I would rather have that then the snow.

    Stay warm and dry there but keep writing. Help you forget how much snow you are getting.

  14. Crazy winter. Lots of snow and ice. Wind chills up to -50. Ready for Spring, but your pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we have been dealing with record cold. One day last week we had -51°C (-57°F) windchills last week. We are thrilled with our warm up to -23°C (-9°F). But no fear, I’m leaving for Mexico in a couple of days!

  16. We started with snow overnight, right now it’s all ice, later this morning it’s supposed to be icy rain, and then finally, this afternoon, rain. So now I’m kinda expecting it to rain frogs tonight. j/k not j/k 😏

  17. I just moved from the Las Vegas area to north east Ohio. Cold with snow. But I lived most of my life in New England so I’m used to this. I actually missed “real” weather living in the Vegas area.

  18. Here in central Texas we have been cloudy/rainy over 2 weeks now. Fri we had snow/sleet/grauple (a term they use for frozen snow). First I have ever heard of it. & in the 30s all weekend.

    Sorry you are freezing but I do enjoy your snow pictures. Frat Boy & Cali sure seem to enjoy it.

    Take care & stay warm.

  19. We’re having the standard bipolar Florida weather – it was in the 40′ & 50’s last week, tomorrow they’re predicting the low 80’s and then dropping back into the 40’s . Needless to say it makes trying to get dressed for work an interesting challenge. This is why so many Floridians know how to dress in layers. Still better than freezing your important bits off, although your hounds appear to be enjoying the fresh snow.

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