I’m not sure what this says about me, but this picture made my day.

Something about it just makes me grin. I know, I’m still sixteen, sue me.

And this pic below … Um… πŸ™‚ Anyway, here’s my question of the day . . .


😳 😳

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  1. You betcha he knows! Everyone else has the exact same pose EXCEPT him! Look at that grin……… You can bet your bottom dollar that he was demoted or punished severly. His mates probably celebrated with him until they all passed out!!!!!!!!

  2. Bottom picture – Yes, he knows. Look at the smile. Well, you could look at the smile in the first picture too, i suppose.

  3. And traditionally men’s kilts are always worn that way. I’m a big Outlander fan ! There is just something about a man in a kilt!

  4. These are all fabulous comments! Is it wrong I downloaded the photo so I could take a closer look? All in the spirit of his obviously wanting to share you know…hee hee!!

  5. Sure he does! That grin’s an obvious give-away. But, look at how he’s holding his kilt, rather than letting it lie naturally. Cheeky Johnson. HEH! 😎

  6. He sure does know, Look at the smile he has. The man second from Queen Elizabeth looks like he knows also. Look at the smile on his face.

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