Conversations with my hero

Hero: Why is it taking you 3 days to write me a sex scene?
Me: Because it’s hard!
Hero: Yeah it is.
Me: Er, um, you know what i mean! Now go away and behave!
Hero: Babe, I don’t ever behave, which you should know, you wrote me…

(speaking of which, while my current hero is driving me batshit crazy, leave me a comment with your favorite Shalvis hero and which book he came from and three of you will win the backlist title of your choice!)

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  1. Tanner from One In A Million. The Lucky Harbor series was the first books I read by you. I couldn’t put them done and ended up reading all of them in about 2 weeks. Now I am hooked! I have since read every one of your books. 😁

  2. finn from sweet little lies. it may be someone different tomorrow. i like all your heroes so it depends on the mood i am in. finn is great, though. it would be impossible to pick just one and stick with it!!!

  3. Parker from All I Want for obvious reasons but also because how he cares for his sister. AND Griffin from Rumor Has it because he let’s Kate be her nerdy, awkward self.

  4. Cam Wilder from Instant Attraction
    Maybe because I’m already married to the “alpha” intense military sexy guy, the snowboarder with the bright, pure love for the nerd in glasses is fantasy perfection.
    A nerd in glasses

  5. Simply Irresistible was the first book of yours that I read and Jax is still my favorite. I have a huge soft spot for guys that can use power tools.

  6. I read the other comments and I think oh yeah him but I will just go with the first one I always think of and that’s Aidan in Second Chance Summer.

  7. Always Sawyer 😍but I really liked Mark from Rainy Day Friends. But Archer has that bad ass down really well 😘

  8. Really hard to pick just one but I always go with Sawyer but Mark from Rainy Day Friends is close.

  9. I like Archer he is strong and good at business but a loyal friend and soft when he finds the right gal

  10. It’s a tie between Keane from The Trouble with Mistletoe and Sawyer from Head over Heels. But really, I love them all.

  11. I think my favorite is still Finn from Sweet Little Lies. Not only does he love Pru to distraction, he loves and takes care of his little brother and the whole crew. 🌼

  12. Sawyer Thompson in the Lucky Harbor series. There are so so many but Sheriff Thompson is one of the first heroes I read when discovering you. He is unforgettable

  13. Ben from Once in a Lifetime. Can’t really explain why, but I think it’s because he struggles with his feelings for Aubrey who is so tough on the outside. I’ve reread that book so many times I’ve lost count.

  14. Hard to pick just one. It might be Sam from It’s in His Kiss. But it might also be Dell from Animal Attraction.

  15. Jax from Simply Irresistible – I mean come on! Smart, sexy guy who works with his hands, loves his dog, sweet, and that tat? Irresistible is right!

  16. Darn it, I’m not good with mames, but one of my faves is the guy from “The trouble with mistletoe”. So down to earth and just doesn’t see his failures.

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