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  1. I think right now it’s Lucas but I read Playing for Keeps as a galley and I think Caleb might be jockeying for the lead.

  2. I love them all. I was going to say Archer, but Lucas is hot. Finn. Or Keane. Or Spence. I struggle, really.

  3. Probably Lucas because of the way he believed in Molly. Love all of the characters, female and male.

  4. Spence is cool, the one who was in the book about her and the ex’s boat on the dock, and Animal Attraction dude

  5. I’ve purchased all of them, except Hot Winter Nights but I’ve only read the first one…I’m a little behind in my reading😊

  6. Archer, then Elle, then Spence … All have very unique, amazing qualities that appeal to us readers. But don’t ever tell them they are cuddly, loveable, and darn right cute.

  7. I would agree with several people who said that whichever one I am reading about at the moment. If I had to pick one…it would probably be…Joe. Gotta love a guy that loves his sister like that.

  8. Caleb. I know we dont have his story in full, yet, but any guy who will go into anaphylactic shock to give a homeless, scared dog a hug is aces in my book!

  9. Oh my goodness. This is like asking who is your favorite kid. The one I read over and over is Finn. But I love Archer too. And oh yeah joe. And geez. Lucas. And gosh darn it spencer.

  10. Not fair! You expect me to love one of these men most?? I’m going with Lucas because he did wear that elf costume for Molly….

  11. I guess I’d say Spence, but it’s really whoever I’m reading about at the time. Thanks for the chance.

  12. My favorite of all your heroes is Spencer. I love that he was hiding from relationships, then he meets Colby and he is not. That he is running interference with his friends that are supposed to be protecting him from relationships.

  13. Elle!!! She’s badass, in control but yet shows her vulnerability and overcomes!! Plus well… Archer!!

  14. Well, they’re all great, duh. But I’m pretty partial to Archer. Hard on the outside and sweet on the inside. Like a cookie. A big, big cookie.

    What was this about again?

  15. So hard to choose one favorite because they all have stellar qualities. But I think I’d have to go with Joe because I’d like one just like him +20 years! I like ’em closer to my age

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