Happy Hump Day

So I have the TV viewing happens of a teenage girl. This means I watch all the CW shows. Don’t judge me. Anyway, one of my favorites was Shadowhunters, before it got cancelled, sob. So all I can do now is put my favorite Shadowhunter in a book.

I like the ‘tude, the implied sass, the gruff good looks. Yep, I think he’ll do very nicely. Anyone else?

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  1. I too find myself watching more CW shows, especially the vamps, the katest river kids and Kara (didn’t think I could lime the guy playing Mon-El til that show), which I had to watch since it moved to Smallville’s home. Missed Burden of Truth during summer but almost finished streaming.
    Behind in new season CW too. (MLB postseason and work darn it!) have you tried Legacies yet? If so what’d ya think. On fence on starting new season. Not sure I like the latest version of the Michaelson kid

  2. I enjoyed Shadowhunters, also!!!!!!!!!! I believe this guy will do just fffffiiiiinnneeeee!!!!!!!!!

  3. I too have the viewing habits of a teenage girl, no judgement here! Love Simon, and he definitely deserves a book. My absolute favourite is Magnus, that sass and sparkle gets me every time.

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