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Here we have Satan– er, Sadie, lording it over the dog’s water bowl. And we have Yoda (aka Dumbass) wanting some water but unwilling to go within claw’s reach. Satan will sit there until the dog is literally sobbing, begging her to move. She will then casually yawn and stretch and walk away, swinging her tail, head high…


Caption this and one of you will win my upcoming Hot Winter Nights!

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  1. This, you want some of this cool, cool liquid. This refreshing liquid gold that will sooth your throat…….
    Cool on big boy , take a chance, give it your best shot!!!!!!!
    That’s what I thought.

  2. Mom, I am dying of thirst and Sadie won’t let me have a drink of water. Could you please get a different bowl for me now? I need it bad.

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