I Love Lucy tales

A deadline is looming over my head and yet the camera on my phone woke me up the other morning, calling my name.

“Psst!” my camera said. “Forgetaboutwork … I’m more fun.”

And damn if my camera wasn’t right. It was WAAAAAY more fun to walk along the Truckee River than work. And I only had to climb two fences and pass a DO NOT TRESPASS sign …

I cut my calf. Never let it be said that I don’t suffer for my art. At the time though, mostly I was worried about the scent of my blood drawing bears and coyotes oh my.

Probably I should have been more worried about where I parked, since I got a ticket.

If Alpha Man is reading this, I’m just kiddin’. Of course I wasn’t stupid enough to park in the same place I parked last time. And I most definitely wasn’t stupid enough to get yet another ticket. Probably.

And if my editor is reading this, this whole blog is a figment of your imagination because I am writing. Writing like a dog. I swear it.

On the two tickets I didn’t get …

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  1. Why would your area ticket parking at a scenic location? My guess is that it is to fund putting guardrails on the mountain passes. And that walkway is definitely a scofflaw catcher. Live long Lucy.

  2. …your phone is like a bad boyfriend…he reels you in and just when you think you’ve got the upper hand…WHACK…you make the decision to follow him JUST ONE MORE TIME. Off you go letting your obligations fall by the wayside. Yes, climb that fence. Don’t pay any attention to the No Trespassing sign…they didn’t mean you. No Parking? No way…this is your spot baby. Then…when it comes time to pay the bill…where is he…GONE…leaving you to face the music…All. By. Yourself.

  3. Great pictures. Interesting adventure. Once again, your blog has brightened my day as I wait PATIENTLY for the IT guys in I really don’t know where to remotely fix my computer so I can get back to work. I’m at least 2 days behind on client documents right now! UGH!

  4. Bwhahahahahaha….but still, great pictures and the mind always needs a refresher, now and again!

  5. Great pics. You needed a break and I hope your leg will be ok. Sorry about the tickets but OMG how in the hell do you get parking tickets out there?? Seriously?

  6. You needed inspiration, that’s all! And I’ll bet it worked, too. Beautiful pictures – your camera was right.

  7. So sorry you cut your leg. So very sorry, you nearly got a second ticket in the same place you got a first ticket…and very glad it did not ever happen.

    But, mostly, I am in awe of the fact you live near a place where God has done some of His best work so you could enjoy the heck out of it.

  8. LOL, you crack me up and start my day off great! I love your “I Love Lucy” moments as I can relate. Keep them coming and thank you for the gorgeous pictures. Reminds me where our good friends live above Missoula, Montana in the Mountains. Your area is just as pretty!

  9. The pictures are gorgeous. The break will give you what you need to get back at your writing, which is what we need! 🌼

  10. Such an enjoyable blog. Your walk was worth everything because the pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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