Recipe for a bad ‘tude…

Gorgeous Donner Lake
One boat
One Alpha Man

Combine ingredients
Remain on lake as long as it takes, until attitude improves
Repeat as necessary

p.s. I’m working on an article about social networking. My part will be about my blog, and what makes it work. So … what makes my blog work for you? That I don’t talk all that much about my writing? Or when I DO talk about writing? The mention of my books, or when I talk about my life? Help me out … what brings you back?

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  1. I love reading the crazy stories about you life. Of course your writing is a part of that.

  2. Your books speak for themselves; I prefer the glimpses into your crazy life! XOXO

  3. Jill you could write a shopping list and I would read it. Your sense of humor and the genuine love you give to the people (including your readers) and pets in your life keeps me coming back.

  4. What they said.
    All of what you have in your blog has me coming back to see what’s going to happen next. The family and Lucy moments, conversations, and how they some times end up in the books. Hearing about your writing progress and how some times the characters won’t do what you want. Reading book sneak peaks. The chance to win one of your books! =0)
    LOVE the nature, Wednesday, and inspirational pics
    But most of all the humor and just you being you.

  5. I love the stories about your life. Your sense of humor as you relate things that have happened to you always makes me laugh.

  6. Recipe for a great author blog:

    *Write fantastically funny, real life heroes and heroines that jump off the page and into my life so I stay up all night to read them after Iโ€™ve already preordered the next one.
    *Add I Love Lucy stories with bears and dogs and your own Alpha Man.
    *Add in photos of your beautiful lake and daughters and maybe a few (ahem) Chris or Tom or Harry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mix ingredients together to give us a complete picture of an author we just canโ€™t get enough of and we want to return and hear from you while we wait (not so patiently sometimes) for your next release. The one we know weโ€™re gonna love as much as the last one.

  7. All of it…. the pictures, the book info, the inside into the life of Jill Shalvis. The funny moments and even the few serious ones… Just our Jilly girl….

  8. Your personal adventures with the dogs, bears and Alpha Man, plus your Lucy moments always suck me in. You love your life, love your job and love your family. Plus you make me laugh! I have shared your tales with my DH on many occasions. He knows what to expect when I say Jill, the author, in Tahoe.

  9. Your blog strikes the perfect balance for me, as it is….just the right mix of personal, professional and always the light, loving touch…

  10. I like that your blog isn’t all about your books. I love hearing about your new releases, sales, etc., but I also enjoy the balance between hearing about your life. Love the anecdotes about Frat Boy & Dumbass, alpha man, your view of where you are writing, experiences with bears, cookies, etc. Basically you have a great balance in your blog, and I like it a lot.

  11. For me, in absolute honesty, anything you write keeps me interested. As a quick aside, I was just thinking yesterday that we hadn’t seen many blog postings lately…and I checked your FB page to make sure you were okay. (I promise, not stalking, just concerned!) The thing that I love, no matter what you write about, is it always makes me smile. When you post an excerpt from a book, I know that there will be “good feels” and usually snark; that makes me happy. When you post about your family, there’s “good feels”, usually buried under snark; makes me laugh out loud. And when you post about the fur babies? You give both the hubs and I great laughs. So I keep coming back, hopefully it’s every day, and can’t wait to read what you’ve posted. And the hunk pics don’t hurt either… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love reading your blog because of the humor in it. Your “I Love Lucy” moments crack me up. And as a big dog lover, hearing about your pets is also awesome.

  13. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing it.
    What brings me back to your blog is you. It doesn’t matter what you write about. I never know what the blog will be so every day it’s like unwrapping a present. I always wake up to a bunch of emails and I save yours for last. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I come back to your blog for your sense of humor, the “realness” of your life stories, and the beautiful pictures that you post. I enjoy when you you include things about how you get your writing flow going, but really I come back for your fresh look at iife.

  15. I love it all!!! Life stories, your writing, your animals, your books, your family, your I Love Lucy stories, etc.

  16. I love hearing about your life episodes – can so relate. They make me smile.
    Asking opinions of us is interesting cos you have a diverse reader base.
    Keep writing and Iโ€™ll keep reading.

  17. I love hearing about your personal life. You have an interesting family and I like your blogs about the funny things that happen to you.

  18. I like hearing about you, your life. Yes, I want to hear about upcoming books that I can’t wait to read, but what keeps me coming back to your blog is that you keep it personal. We get to learn about Jill, your funny stories and sense of humor. That is a huge part! I don’t read many blogs, but yours is one I always read, especially because you make me laugh!

  19. Your humor. Your pictures. Your humor about your family. All of it. I think what makes me read your blog is the fact that you are relatable. And then of course, never forget, I like your humor.

  20. all of the above – your pictures are wonderful, your books are wonderful and the stories you tell about your life are funny and creative, gives us a iittle peak into the author that writes our favorite books <3

  21. I love that you talk about your life- makes you seem more real!! I do enjoy when you talk about your books, but your adventures-oh boy!!

  22. I love when you share your life as well as your books. Your books always make me feel… happy, sad, loved. But your life stories always make me chuckle.

  23. Combination for talking about your books and your funny and/or embarrassing moments in your life. Just remember we’re laughing with you not at you!

  24. I love your Blog! Both for when you talk about your writing and when you don’t. You entertain with your mishaps and spider espisodes. I enjoy reading your Blog as it takes some stress off my life right now.

  25. All of the above. But above all you always make us laugh, with you, at you, at ourselves because we see ourselves in your picture as well.

  26. I love reading about your family including your dogs and your bears!! You always make me smile which is a good start to the day.

    Of course I love the books and he Wednesday photos to!!

  27. Oh, this is an easy one. The reason I follow your blog is-humor. Your sense of humor and the wacky stories you tell always give me a giggle and a laugh to carry with me through out the day. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

  28. What do you think, your I Love Lucy stories, your stories about Alpha Man, pics of you and your family. Also when you ask your fans to help you with an idea for your book. Pretty much everything Jill. Do you still have the coaster that says, you got your cardio when you ran into a spider web?

  29. Your books and news of them bring me back. But I love the stories of you
    And the family and animals. You are so interesting.

  30. I like the stories of your life and family, the inspiration photos, the pictures of where you live, and the fact that most of your entries are not very long. I also appreciate the link from Facebook. That is how I know you have a new entry.

  31. All of the above. I enjoy your take on everyday life, the puppies, the info on upcoming books and the fact that you included your fans. I really look forward to your posts, and then of course there are all the amazing books you write for us

  32. I love when you talk about your life, Alpha Man and children. Not long-winded stories, but the little snippets of life that are interesting, funny, or like today, restful. I also like the hot guys you post, and I’m 65. Not dead yet!

  33. I like the mixture. You have a great sense of humor which comes through in your writing style. I enjoy hearing about your daily antics, your husband, your kids and especially, your animals. I also like to hear about what you’re currently writing. It’s all good!

  34. Love everything about it. Your books, your writing, your travel, your family and your fur babies. ๐ŸŒผ

  35. Everything about your blog brings me back daily. I enjoy your sense of I love Lucy stories. Your stories about Alpha man and your daughters. I really love the stories about your pets. The best thing about your blog for me is your books you are working on.

  36. I love your quirky sense of humour! And I love your anecdotes of your beautiful family life! You have the perfect mix of work, play and family! Above all, family!

  37. I enjoy your blog! You have the best anecdotes and just the right balance of book info, life and funnies. Keep doing what you are doing!

  38. Everything works on your blog. Your sense of humor is the best part! Love all your stories about family and pets, your books and the hot writing inspirations, the views! Itโ€™s all of it that keep me reading ๐Ÿ˜

  39. i live your blog because of all the aspects of it. a person never knows what they will read next.

  40. I look forward to reading your blog. I enjoy hearing about both your life and your books. I especially appreciate your humor!

  41. I really enjoy your blog, especially when it has to do with your life. You are so funny and it keeps my laughing.

  42. I really enjoy your blog for everything you put in it. Your I Love Lucy moments. Your research. Your books. Pictures you share from family, to wildlife, writing view, writing inspiration, etc…. Talking about your books.

  43. What brings me back to your blog is the combination of your life, your humor, your writing and how it all intermingles. It’s a great way to start my day.

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