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  1. I worked for a Division 1A football team….. loved the photo shoot in the reception area… 105 guys changing into 1 of 3 blue shirts and 1 tie…. shirtless guys…. could have sold tickets.

  2. So, you fly and your plane has a wonderful sports team.

    I fly and my plane has people across the aisle who argue and put their feet on the seat in front of them.

  3. I had never heard of him before Black Panther. He was great in that movie. My grandkids decided I needed to watch all the Marvel movies this summer so I told them we needed to watch them in viewing order so that’s what we did. It took a while but now I’ve seen them all.

  4. Holy cow! Did you see hm in Black Panther? He was incredibly cut. I’ve also seen him in interviews and he is well spoken.

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