Jill Does Denver

So this past week I was in Denver at a romance writer’s conference and had lots of adventures, the first being that the hotel was huge with so many twists and turns and levels that I was completely lost ALL the time.

To those who kindly directed me and then said “you must be Jill Shalvis” … haha and yeah. It was always me.

BUT … I found myself in all the airports I went through and I was SO HAPPY!

Oh, and two seconds after I took this picture…

…the clerk came up to me and said “ma’am, I’m sorry, you can’t take pictures of the books” and I was far more insulted by the “ma’am” than anything else… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. You should have volunteered to sign all the books they had!! Of course she’d have to see your drivers license and that would have brought out so many MORE ma’am, please…so never mind!

  2. RDF was ALL over the place in the hotel! It was so much fun to see it, and YOU, at the book signings. And I know what you mean about the ma’am…I’m now part of the ‘can I help you with that, ma’am’ set that makes me feel REALLLLLLLLY old! So great to see you and love the book!

  3. How very odd….not the “ma’m-that’s just insulting-but not being able to take a picture of books…

  4. I can’t believe she didn’t recognize you!! I wonder what would have happened if you tried to autograph the book. Some people.

  5. Love the fact about you being upset about maโ€™am. A kid at the deli the other day said Miss. I told him he must be the favorite at the deli with women. He told me it only took him being reprimanded twice by women before he corrected it! Lol.

  6. Not sure why you would not be able to take a picture of a book It is not as though you were taking pictures of the secret tunnel. But, the Ma’am, if you were dealing with a person from the South, that would be second nature to that person

    Maybe you should have a tee shirt made, with the words “BEST SELLING AUTHOR” on the front. And of course that would keep all the really strange people you might see in an airport from coming up to chat.

  7. Did you happen to mention to the lady that you ARE Jill Shalvis who wrote said book and many other best sellers as well ?! Why does it matter if you take a picture or not of YOUR book ? Argh ! ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  8. Why ever on earth aren’t you supposed to take a picture of a book?? Even if you weren’t the author I’ll bet nowadays if someone wants to remember the name of a book I don’t imagine they’d bother finding a paper and pencil – they’d just snap a picture of it??

  9. I would be of no help to you! I get so turned around in big buildings, and malls. If my husband or my youngest sister is with me they can save me there. Also on roads if I do not have a road map. If I am driving my husband is no help there, he is a terrible navigator. If he is driving we are good, I am a great navigator with maps. Unfortunately he has a propensity for turning left when I tell him right, so there you have it.

  10. Yes, that does take some getting used to.

    I was at the coast on vacation with some of the kids & grandkids & I am to old to have that much fun!

  11. Did you tell her you wrote the book you were taking a picture of?? Probably would have caused a riot…….๐Ÿ™‚

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