Happy Hump Day

So I went looking for a hot guy in a suit for some writing inspiration on the book I’m working on and … one thing led to another.

Josh Duhamel! How did I forget about him? And of course I need a pic of him and a dog. But why just ONE dog? So…

… in conclusion, he’s most definitely my writing inspiration today.

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  1. That is a great photo of Josh, I saw him in something recent with gray hair, not a good look. And those dogs are adorable as well.

  2. I’ve loved looking at Josh!! With pups, even better!! Here in Minnesota we keep seeing him in commercials for North Dakota tourism since he grew up there. He’s so silly & funny!!

  3. Have loved Josh since his “All My Children” days. He’s just gotten better with age. Thanks for starting my day off with his SPECTACULAR self!

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