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So I was working inside and got stunk out by the cat. Usually it’s the dogs but today it was the cat.

She doesn’t want to talk about it.

I went outside to work and got distracted by myself. I think it’s time for new shoes…

I have to go back to writing but before I do, I have a question. Are you all reading print, ebook, or a combo of both? I’ve been reading on my phone actually, and I thought I would mourn the loss of holding a book but I don’t. I love carrying all my books with me because what if I want to switch books? That said, I really do sometimes miss the scent of a new book. But then I open my app, make the font really big so I don’t need my glasses and get comfy. Life goes on. 🙂 You?

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  1. Love reading print books … but the cost adds up quickly . I dove reading from my kindle and love the perks getting the opportunity to read ebooks from a couple of reader groups I participate with. … I am so grateful !,, I do love to be able change the font , look up words (sometimes I find myself clicking on print pages &realize ..darn Nootka on kindle . I love flipping back to front covers while reading physical books & love having bus on shelves . But since i’ve Purchased my kindle dec 2015 I have missing bus on some of my fav series/authors …. but I must admit I was running out of space !,,,, But I have had few close crash attacks cause thought my bus passed on when calling amazon HELP. ALL MY BOOKS ARE GONE!!! ….for sure my collection folder setup for authors were wiped out grrrr . But love large font .. thx to learning have cataracts …. plus on kindle world …. welll Jill you asked …. 🦋🌷🌞☀️🌼😇🧐🌸🧘‍♂️💫

    1. Sorry for typos not great with one finger typing … ugggg ! Embarrassing!

    2. Sorry for typo’ s not great with one finger typing … ugggg ! Embarrassing!

  2. I’m an analog girl in a digital world.
    I love the feel and non battery using quality of a print book. I can read all day (oh, the decadence of reading all day) and not worry about re charging.

  3. I read on my phone, Kindle, and print books! I also listen to audio books. I thought I would miss print books but when I am eating spaghetti or chili and it gets on my Kindle it is way easier to clean up! Also my dog loves to bring her muddy, slobbery ball and drop it on my book when we are outside, it is much easier to clean off the Kindle too.

  4. I do both iPad and hardcover. There’s something about holding a book! Right now I am thoroughly enjoying Rainy Day Friends! I want to be a part of the winery family!

  5. I am reading more on my iPhone (kindle app). Love the dictionary and font size features.

    Also still read print books used or from the library.

  6. Much prefer books, but do use my kindle when I’ve read all the books I had in my to read pile

  7. I read a combination of both. Non-fiction and larger fiction books I prefer in print. All else on my Nook

  8. I go back and forth, but love having the Kindle app on my phone so I always have something to read

  9. Print and kindle for me. I am like you, can make the print bigger on my kindle that I don’t need my glasses.

    Happy weekend and Fourth of July! 💥

  10. Love the feel and smell of print books, do not have an e-reader or do I use my phone. Just like print. Please keep print books in your releases. I have a couple of other authors who have just e-books now and I don’t read them anymore. Sorry but I love my books, paperback or hardcover. Rita hutcheson

  11. I mostly use my nook for reading as it is easier to take with me than a bunch of books. However, I do still read real books because I miss the feel and smell of them.

  12. I love my Kindle and that is what I prefer to read, but sometimes will read a physical book…. if given to me by someone else. What I don’t love about the ebook is that I can’t go back if I forget something…. or not as easily as flipping back in a book.

  13. I mostly read on my Kindle, but every once in a while I grab a print version. I do like that I can make the print bigger and have a bunch of books in a small package on my Kindle.

  14. i read print books mostly but if the kindle edition is cheap enough i will DL it if the library doesn’t have it. it took them forever to get your last book that i wound up having to buy it.

  15. I almost exclusively read on my Paperwhite now, occasionally on my phone and only in paperback if I get it from the library. I also have a stinky cat…

  16. I always prefer paperback books. I don’t have to worry about theft, lighting or battery charging.

  17. I download to the cloud so I can read on my kindle app on iPad mini, phone, and my original kindle. But I also occasionally buy books because if I’m at the pool in my apartment complex or the beach when I’m back east, it’s impossible to read on a tablet.

  18. I read almost exclusively print books. Mostly due to spotty internet in my rural area and I am a widow with only one income so cannot afford all the technology.

  19. I have over 1300 books on my Kindle, it is my second one. I have a room devoted to books —-one tall book shelf with the ones I have yet to read, and one floor to ceiling bookshelf on the wall with books I have read and want to reread.

    I love having tons of books in one tiny piece of equipment, but I also love seeing and holding and touching an actual book.

  20. I prefer paper. Have RA and paperbacks are lighter and easier on my hands – as is the fact reflected light (cell phones and computers) isn’t the best for my aging eyes. Guess I am a dinosaur…

  21. I read books, ebooks, and on long trips I listen to audiobooks. I just love books! Doesn’t really matter how it’s getting in my brain! I do love to be able to make the print bigger, so yea to ebooks! I also love holding an actual book. Going back to reread something is easier, to me, in a real book, so there’s that.

  22. I’m a combo girl. I would read more print, but the font seems to be getting smaller and there is not enough contrast between the print and page, so my eyes tire very quickly. The lack of vision insurance hasn’t helped so I haven’t been to the eye doctor in 2.5 years.

  23. Used to read books in hand exclusively. Then I got a kindle. Then I started to read on my laptop (kindle for PC). I read there when I am home, but otherwise – strictly my phone now! It’s always there, always many books available. And I can sync from my PC to phone and read the same book! Although, if a paperback is the same price an an ebook, sometimes I will buy the paperback. But I have much less clutter at my house now that I am mostly ebooks.

  24. I do Ebook or Audible ( prefer audio so I can multitask while driving) it is pretty rare these days that I read a physical book.
    Having the Kindle app on my phone means I always have my TBR pile with me!

  25. I read both…although I DO like the ability to have more than one book at a time at my fingertips (with ebooks). Still love actual paper books, though, and do save those that I love.

  26. I read mainly print books, as I find it easier on my eyes and I don’t get frustrated by having to charge it, wait for it to load or having the battery go dead at the good part. 🙂
    I do sometimes read on my Nook, when I can’t get a book in print, or I can’t get to the library and I am out of books to read. (horrors!)

  27. Love my Kindle❤️. I only read print books that are expensive and I go to the Library for those. I like not having books setting around.

  28. I ❤️ my Kindle. I left it somewhere for a night and of course I had to read, so scrounged up one of the couple of print books I have left. It’s a good thing it’s a good book (Home Again by Kristin Hannah) because I do not like having to hold a book, worry about losing my page and not being able to make the font bigger! Don’t miss print books at all. 🌼

  29. I love my e-books. So easy to store they go everywhere with me, they don’t collect dust, I have a stand to hold either my computer or my Kindle and I don’t have to hold it so my arms don’t get tired, I can adjust the print size. Now if someone would develop an old book smell and put it in a candle, Scentsy, or a Glade Plug in.

  30. Both. I rarely have a book and have it on my kindle also-but there are a few.

    I love reading a hardbound or paperback. And I have a good memory, so if I need to flip back to reread something, I won’t know the exact page number, but I do remember where on the page the info is. (E.g. Top half, middle of a paragraph, etc.)

    But, that’s where my kindle comes in handy! I love the X-Ray feature!!! And the ability to look up words and phrases within the book, or on the web. Having a built in dictionary is awesome! I really utilize my kindle. And I too play with the settings, large font? Simple? Sepia or black background? Easy peazy! I can manipulate the brightness level of the light to my liking depending on where I am.

    I also have a paperback book holder that I got years ago that allows me to read without my hands getting tired from holding the physical book.

  31. I read mostly on my iPad-mini or iPhone, sometimes my Mac for the past few years. But also have two older Kindles that come in handy. Cannot read via paper any longer… I found I’m allergic to either ink or paper. Must be some chemicals in them. When I handle any printed items, even short quick reads of any kind, by the next day my skin cracks and bleeds. Weird, I know. My Kindle app has been my salvation for reading books.

  32. Definitely e-books! Can’t remember when I last read a paper book. E-books are ridiculously convenient, almost to a fault. Finish one, buy another! I also borrow library e-books. Saves all that storage space, too, as we have retired to a condo. Main downside is you can’t really swap with friends, or maybe I am just not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to do it.

  33. I only read print; actually returned a “device” hubby got me because I didn’t want to read my books on anything mechanical Only other way I read is on DVD in my car. Nothing like shopping or searching for a book, seeing an author you love (Shalvis) at a book sale and finding a treasure.

  34. I read on my phone and kinndle (the ability to have all of them with me at once is huge) but I love 💗 all my actual books 📚 too. The smell, the colors, the way they feel, of course if I had hard copies of all my e books I probably wouldn’t be able to move around my house. 😍

  35. I definitely prefer the ebook format. I love my Kindle Paperwhite, with the built-in adjustable light, and the convenience of having multiple books at my fingertips. I check out a library hardcover book occasionally, but I don’t really enjoy the physical book experience like I used to. I have to find a good light source (modern house w/great room and no outlets close to my reading chair–stupid builder, a woman would have put in plenty of floor outlets), and reading in bed with a light disturbs my husband, whereas reading on my Kindle doesn’t. I don’t even like the heaviness & feel of a real book in my hand. Also, I find myself wanting to swipe the pages, & really miss the ability to highlight and bookmark as I go.

  36. As a former school librarian, I love books. That said, I really believe it is the content, not the form, which makes the experience. As I have gotten older, my eyesight, combined with arthritis in my hands, makes using an ebook the way to go. At this point, unless someone has given me the physical book, I am reading ebooks all the time!!

  37. Definitely ebooks! I love having all my books with me, being able to adjust the font size or background, I don’t have to worry about losing a bookmark, and best of all – no one can judge me for the smut I read in the doctor’s office waiting room 🙂

    The only thing I still want in an actual book are cookbooks and how-to manuals. Those are so much better in print!

  38. E books only. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and small print wears me out. Plus I live in a fairly isolated community and love being able to download new books in seconds on my kindle.

  39. I read a combination of the two. I don’t mind my ebooks, but I like reading a print book every so often.

  40. I read books. I like the feel and smell of a book. Sorry, am not a fan of e-books.
    I am retired and I read alot.

  41. Print only here. Guess I’m old-fashioned. I like the book in my hands and I don’t go anywhere without one. Never know how long you’ll be stuck in a dr. office or stuck in traffic. If I’m reading i don’t care how long I have to wait. I just wish I could get up the nerve to bring a book into the supermarket with me. Those waits in the deli can be killer.

  42. Both, but still use more print — there’s just something about a physical book in my hand, plus the ebook swipe to turn the pages seems to interrupt my flow.

  43. I’ve been 95% Kindle since they first came out almost 10 (gasp!) years ago. Prior to that I was an early adopter of a previous type of ebook because my hubs was so tired of my suitcases being filled with 10+ books whenever we went on vacation. I only read print for library books and books I’ve won in contests and I’ve tried but I’m just not a fan of audio.

  44. I read almost exclusively digitally either on my Kindle or phone or even computer if I’m slow at work. However, if I get a chance to meet a favorite author (you), I would buy print for autographing. But I do like to have all my books with me. Heaven forbid I should be in the doctor’s office waiting and not have a book to ready! LOL

  45. I do a combo. When I’m home I will read both (book & e-reader).
    When I travel I read only from my iPad as I don’t want to pack books.

  46. I read in my iPad. I’m with you, love having all my kindle books and audio books in my hand. Your audio books always have awesome narrators.

  47. I use both. I like the feel of a real book but my kindle is lighter and easier to slip in my puse for travel.

  48. I love having the actual book in my hands. ❤
    Occasionally, I’ll read on my phone. But, primarily, I really prefer a hardback or paperback. ☺

  49. I really enjoy the ereader for the same reason, most paperback print has gotten too small. I can see all my books together too like on a book shelf.

  50. Print, ebook, and audiobook. I’d say that 40 – 50% are now audio because I can listen almost anywhere, doing almost anything!

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