Okay, so I’m swamped and out of control and have NO business blogging today but I need your help.

What am I swamped with? A book that isn’t writing itself, a renovation project, packing for ALA (American Library Association) — I’m heading to New Orleans to speak at their national conference this weekend, AND a flare up of SUMMER-ITIS.

Not to mention Rainy Day Friends has hit the shelves!!!

Oh and my back is tweaked.

And don’t even get me started on Frat Boy — who managed to eat an entire package of salami including the plastic. Since he’s not dead, I can only assume he has a stomach of iron.

And a severe eating disorder.

But forget about him. I need your help. What, if any, endearments are acceptable in a romance, from the hero to heroine? My two favorite heroes of all time each have very two distinct forms of endearments they use. Janet Evanovich’s Ranger calls Steph “babe” and oh my God does it work for him. And JD Robb’s Roarke calls Eve his “darling” in that too die for Irish accent. But each of these names are so deeply ingrained in my head as Steph and Eve, they’re off limits to me.

And everything else is sounding cheesy. Or maybe I’m just hungry.

So help. My question is this — and let’s make it twofold for shits and giggles, shall we? Tell me what names your significant others have called you, and then tell me what your fave is. In the real world, and in fiction, or just in general.


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  1. My husband calls me “beautiful” every day! (Even though most days I truly don’t believe I deserve it!! lol)

  2. I love “darling” but you said it is off limits. My husband tells story about man calling his spouse “wife”.

  3. My husband calls me Sunshine, which is the opposite of me without my coffee. I also want to let you know I received my copy of Rainy Day Friends and have started reading it, and as usual I love it. Especially that Uncle Jack has Crohn’s and he has all the problems including farts, ” jet propelled”. I also has Crohn’s and this made me laugh out loud. So funny. Keep writing, I love your Books. Oh and also the dogs, I enjoy Frat Boy so much and dumb Ass both are so funny. Thank You Rita

  4. I was called Sherman because of the way I went into projects and problems. Was disappointed when he stopped and starlet with Hon. I’m now dubbed sher-bear, again, how I go after projects and problems..

  5. For 30 years my DH has called me ‘My Girl’. And even though I don’t usually like terms that are kind of sexist (like calling me ‘Woman’, at least you can tell gender!), any time he says, “Love my girl” or asks, “how’s my girl doing?”, I feel incredibly loved.

  6. I have nothing to offer here, except to say while Roarke’s “darling Eve” is indeed fabulous, NOTHING makes me melt faster than when he’s upset and calls Eve “Baby.” OMG. He only does it when she’s really in distress and so he’s in distress, but it totally works for me.

  7. Well if English endearments are a concern because they seem to cheesy, try another language. If your hero is multi-lingual or has has picked up endearments from a family member who’s first language isn’t English that can work.

    Personally the best Endearments in a story are the ones that stem from the character’s personal interaction. In Linda Howard’s “Now Your See Her” the hero doesn’t call the heroine sweetie out of laziness. Sweeney, the heroine, refuses to be called by her first and middle names because her mother saddled her with what she viewed as pretentious names and the hero refuses to call the woman he is sleeping with by her last name. Sweetie becomes a play on Sweeney that heroine doesn’t even pick up on at first. In Julie Garwood’s “Slow Burn” the hero has a very sweet reason he calls the heroine pickle, a nickname that annoys the heroine until she gets that it’s a way of saying “I love you”. In Garwood’s “Sweet Talk” the heroine and her best friends are endearingly called the Pips because the doctor that treated them as children was French and call them “mes petites pipsqueaks”

  8. Hon, Sweetie, and Love. Hon in general conversation; Sweetie when he wants me to do something; Love when we are enjoying marital bliss.

  9. My hubby used to call me Baby Ducks. Now he just says “Mom” Started that when the kids were born.

    I love that southern Draw of “Darlin” the best!


  10. DO NOT USE ‘Sweetie” as that is what fathers call their daughters.
    It creeps me out. My husband and I just use our names…or nicknames we’ve given each other based off of our real names.

    Sweetheart is okay, but don’t over use it. Darlin’ is okay if the guy has an accent.

    I also dislike when adults who are parents call each other “Mon” or “Dad”. I would never say to my husband, “Dad, can you go grill the steaks?” But, I would certainly say to my kids, “Go ask Dad to grill the steaks.”

    If he ever called me Mom instead of my name, I would quickly point out that I am NOT his mom!

  11. My late husband used to call me Tweety…sort of a play on sweetie and when we first got together he claimed I barely spoke above the level of a small tweet. He also called me his little witchypoo. That’s because I’m Wiccan and had an uncanny way of knowing things which would happen to them before they did, and I’d warn him. OH and for years and years he referred to me at times as his wounded little bird, in reference to that initial soft voice and because I was literally dying when we met…and he saved my life.

  12. My DH calls me baby but has my number saved in his phone under Love. I swoon on the rare occasion he calls me sweetheart. I love endearments that aren’t endearments in regular life. Like wino. He calls me that pretty often, too.

  13. Hubby calls me Dusie (pronounced like Susie) and I call him B (short for beaver). There’s a long story behind both. 🙂

  14. Dwightie….. for Dwight ….. then my question to him ….first I read your blurb to us …. so whatcha ya’call me ? ….his response ‘nothin’ …. noooooo watcha ya call me …. “ Dixie-Lee “ … well there you have my boring given name at birth. ….. crap I wanted to have something exciting offer. Blah is what I have fore you

  15. Ok, so there are two different ones. First one, most of the time is, Baby Girl. Second one is, Lil’ Bit (I’m 4’11” and my husband is 6’01””). Don’t know how tall your character is, so the second one might not work.

  16. Nope. I got nothin’. Seriously, the hubs doesn’t even use my name. In the right book setting, I’ve liked Babe.. Not real keen on Hon (short for Honey). Maybe a derivative of the heroine’s or hero’s name??? Sometimes even a shortened version of the name can turn into an endearment. I know this is a pet’s name but we had a cat named BG (don’t even ask where that came from) that I would call Beej…and then that turned to Booger. Again, I wouldn’t ask. But they were always meant with affection. Maybe you could turn the characters names into something, although I wouldn’t suggest Booger… 🙂

  17. My grandpa used to call my grandma “jewel”, which was so special. Also like cupcake = which is another Stephanie Plum thing.

  18. I use sweetie for my husband and he calls me the same, sweetheart, or baby. I’ll also call him my honeybun.

  19. My husband used to call me “dear” but I didn’t like it. Still don’t. He now calls me Pooh (as in “Winnie the…”) which I do like. That’s a great bear! Otherwise, I like “Love.”

  20. Sweetheart does it for me only used sparingly as to really mean something.
    Honey or my name shortened the rest of the time.

  21. I called my husband ‘Hon’ and have always liked ‘Angel’. I also like the thought of using a name that others won’t know is an endearment like June T’s Fred.

  22. My nickname for my guy is handsome. I got from an older gentleman I had as a patient. He said his wife called him that for the 62 years they were married. My guy calls me angel or baby.

  23. I’ve had a nickname of Bubbles I love it, now I am called hun I love it . I could tell you which one I love the most as they are two different of words.

  24. The hubs calls me Babe or Woman – I’m good with both. I call him Honey or Stud Muffin! lol

    And I’m all in for Babe from Ranger… very swoon worthy. My other new fav is Cara in an Italian accent as spoken by Slash my current book boyfriend – re: Julie Moffett series.

  25. I’ve always hated endearments because I have a name, and I want it to be used. That said, my husband calls me Bee. He says it’s because I look cute until I sting you. I think the best nicknames are born out of an experience or moment. It’s personal and unique.

  26. Sweetheart and babydoll. Oh, and let’s not forget She Who Shall Be Obeyed. 😉

  27. I call my husband “love” or “my love”. He is not one to use terms of endearment but he will call me “woman” or “my woman”. It’s a bit caveman-esque, which we all know isn’t always a bad thing!

  28. my husband has called me poky (Garfield’s cuddly teddy bear, and hunj. I call him hunj or Ronny (his name is Ron). Call my daughter sweetie – always have.

  29. My DH has called me Red b/c I have dark auburn hair. Also, Grumpy Butt before I’ve had my coffee. The occasional Hun, Mama, and Woman are also used. I like them all because they’re always used with affection. But when he calls me Woman, I know I’m going to get lucky!lol

  30. I call my husband and the car both sweetie. Sometimes I call them and they both look at me. He just calls me hon.

  31. Well one called me sweets. But I have a friend from England. And its Luv with the accent is totally swoon worthy.

    1. However the reply I was trying to make to Andrea s was – it all depends what area of England the person saying it is, believe me some of the regional accents would have you cringing and not swooning

  32. I agree with Dee. I love “My Sunshine” . I’ve never been called it, but love the idea that someone would say i brighten their day.

  33. My husband doesn’t like those names and always calls me by my real name. I like that.

  34. Sugar, especially with a New Orleans accent! Love or sweets.
    My ex-husband used none of these.

  35. I am not a morning person. My husband used to call me bear. Many of his friends thought “ cuddly bear”. People in the know knew “grouchy bear”.

  36. My faves are Babe and Love.
    I think a smarta$$ could get away with Sweets. And, there is always the choice to shorten the womans name: Megan becomes Meg or Jennifer becomes J.

  37. I’m not into what you call terms of endearment. I usually find them degrading and sexist. So I’ll share with you that My brother uses “Sweetie Pie”for his wife, it’s acceptable. I don’t mind “Honey”, either, it’s fine.

  38. My hubby calls me Hun, short for honey. And the term of endearment I’ve called him since we were in college is Hunky and my favorite Hunk-a-Hunk-a-Burnin’-Love ( the Elvis song) ! 😉😉😊

  39. My husband usually calls me “Hon”. He used to call me “Empress” back in the day. The ruler of all I survey…I can handle that.

  40. My husband calls me “my sweet” which I love. He also makes up endearments for our children. The oldest is HotShot, the son is Bunker (he loved his bunk beds) and the youngest was sweet pea, but she hated it. He’s dyslexic and her name is Cheryl but when he wrote it, it always came out Cherly — so now his term of endearment is Shirley.

  41. My husband used to call me Darlin’ in a really deep, sexy way and It just melted me. Of course as soon as I said I love it, he stopped. My grandfather used to call my grandmother sugar or shoog. I always thought it was so sweet, no pun intended. LOL

  42. My husband calls me “sweets” I melt when he does.
    I am currently loving the slow southern drawls I hear in my head when reading characters so “darlin'” and “sugah”

  43. Sweet cheeks, sweet cakes, favorite PIA,

    My favorite to me is Sweet Pea. but after 43 years Hey You works too.

  44. In fiction I love babe. My husband calls my honey. And sometimes babe. Both do it for me.

  45. My husband calls me Sweetie, and I call him Chéri (French for Darling or Beloved).
    I don’t particularly have a favourite endearment, any one of them that fits well in a storyline works for me…. although I’m not big on Babe.

  46. I’ve been called honey and buttercup (bc we both love “The Princess Bride”) and he frequently throws in an “as you wish”.

    Sometimes he throws in a hot mama or sweet cheeks and occasionally I’ve earned a “devil woman” 😜

    Have a great time in Nola!

  47. Sweetie or sweetie pie, sugar, sweetness.

    I don’t think mine has called me by much more than my name but now days everyone calls me Nana.

    I’m sure that isn’t any help but there are a lot of people out that do have good ideas & the perfect one will come to you.

    Have a great time in Nola & enjoy those beignets.

  48. I use babe, sweetie or hon.
    Not sure I’ve ever been called love but I like it. “Hey Love where’s the remote?” would actually make me look for it. 😊

  49. My husband calls me “Fred”, “Fredalicious” & sometimes “Love”. I probably like “Fred” best because he can use it anywhere and not sound cheesy.

  50. In the South, the endearments used commonly are: sugar, honey, babe, baby, love, darlin’, sweetie (and more but I just woke up and not had coffee yet. Heard Yankees say “hon”. That is it for me.

  51. Well it depends on the guy and girl…
    “Sweet cheeks”
    “Satan” 😈

  52. I always thought “my sunshine” was the perfect name from a man. To me it meant that she brightened his day.

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