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I listen to audio books when I hike. I love love love them. And as it turns out, I have a bunch of my own books on audio and I’m wondering … do you listen to audio books? If so, what do you like to listen to? Have you listened to any of mine? Would you want to?

Answer my annoying questions and five of you will win an audio copy of one of my books… 🙂

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  1. At least 50% of what I read is audio. I have a big black lab that needs long walks so I listen. Housework, gardening, driving, the only time I don’t listen is if I’m lying down … I fall asleep! I’m working my way through all your books that are available to me at 4 different libraries; a lot of them audio.

  2. All of them thanks to Audible. Including preorder of Rainy Day Friends. Love audiobooks. When I hear Karen White’s voice, I think of you.

  3. Love audio books! Listen to “Longmire” or romance books. Have read your books but never listened to them!

  4. I really like listening to audiobooks. I listen while I drive and also when I’m doing other tasks. I listen to romance and have gotten your audiobooks.

  5. Yes, I listen to audio books. In fact lately, it seems to be the only “reading” I get done. And I have listened to several of yours.

  6. I love to listen to Audio books on my commute. I have found that it really severely cuts down on the road rage. I listen to all different kinds but am currently on a non fiction kick but really enjoy a fiction book on long trips! I haven’t listened to yours on audio yet but I will!

  7. I listen to all types of audio books. I used to have a 45 minute or longer commute to work. Listening to books made the drive go so much faster and easier. I have listened to quite a few of yours. My favorite of yours to listen to is the Wilder series.

  8. I LIVE on audiobooks on the truck. I get every title possible on both kindle & audio so I can switch to kindle when I’m not driving, and back to audio when I am. It really messes me up when I can’t get a title in audio, because then I have two different books going at once. I’m easily confused. LOL! ☺️

  9. I have been listening to audiobooks more so lately. I love being able to multitask while still enjoying the books I love so much. I listen to them while driving and working out. I usually like listening to romance and suspense novels and I have listened to a few of your books on audible!

  10. I’ve never actually listened to an audiobook before. I’m not sure why I keep hesitating. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. Never listened to an audio book, thought about it. Not sure if it would be a good fit for me.

  12. I love audio books! I listen when driving in the car. I listen when cleaning the house. I even listen at work when I have to do mindless tasks. I have lots of your books in audio but not all of them just yet.

  13. I don’t buy audio books per se, but my kindle has a setting that allows the book to be read to me when I want.

  14. Yes I listen to audio books, mostly if I’m driving by myself or at night when my eyes are tired. I tend to listen to books I have read. I have listened to your books I have Second Chance Summer on audio.

  15. I absolutely love audio books. My car doesn’t go without one. I also listen to them while making jewelry and doing chores. My favorites are books by JR Ward and Diana Gabaldon. I have only listened to one of yours on audio. Love reading your books. You are my favorite because you NEVER disappoint.

  16. I’ve listened to the ones available, multiple times. Waiting for all your books to be available through my library as I’m on a budget since I was laid off on from the newspaper where I worked as an editor for over 20 years. I love that I now have more time to read! (What I ‘want’ to read 🤗).

  17. I have several of your books on my iPod !! Love ‘em !!!! My favorite worlds to escape to,with my earbuds, is the Wilder Brothers ! Or the world of Cedar Ridge ! So.Much.Fun.!!!

  18. Yes, my first purchases were the Wilder books [Instant Attraction, Instant Gratification, and Instant Temptation] followed by the Animal Magnetism series – etc etc. Loved them all!

  19. I love to listen to audio books while driving. But only if I’ll be driving for 30 minutes or more.
    I’ve never listened to one of yours, Jill, tho I would love to try one…

  20. I listen to them all the time and I’ve listened to some of yours while walking or quilting or cleaning, etc….
    Makes whatever you’re doing more enjoyable.

  21. I do listen audio books when I’m working on my craft (stained glass). And I have 2 of yours on cutrent list

  22. I LOVE audiobooks. If I’m in my car, I’m listening to them. I also often listen when I’m doing something totally mundane like cleaning or laundry. And sometimes when I’m knitting.

    I’ve listened to a bunch of your Lucky Harbor books on audio. I have another trilogy on audio, but the narrator sounds a lot like your voice, and I just can’t listen to “you” read dirty scenes to me. LOLOL.

  23. I used to say “no” to audio books but fell in love with them after I found a narrator I loved. I do seem to prefer male voices with a couple of exceptions. I have never listened to one of yours but would love to.

  24. I love to listen to audio books, I listen to different ones everything from James Patterson to you Jill. All fiction, I listen while driving since it takes a half hour to go to town on way. I also listen while walking the dog.

  25. I have never listened to an audio book. I like the premise, but simply have not followed through. I know you will find people who absolutely love them, because every friend I have who uses audio book raves about them.

  26. I love listening to audiobooks ❤️❤️❤️ Yes, I’ve listened to yours as well! Nothing better than listening to a book while you’re driving. For those who haven’t listened to audiobooks before, try Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, or J.D. Robb, or Jill’s, or Lauren Blakely, Angie Fox (Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery’s). Really, there’s just too many to name!!!

  27. Not an audio book kinda gal so I don’t listen to them. But friends say they love them, and yours of course! 🙂

  28. I’ve never listened to an audio book. In my current summer job I work by myself. Since it’s so quiet I have been thinking that it would be ideal to try it out. I would love to try it with one of your books! =0)

  29. I do listen to audiobooks, and I have listened to some of yours. I just wish that you had a man reading the male characters and a woman reading the female characters.

  30. I do not listen to audiobooks because the voice of the reader may not match the character’s voice I hear in my head. Especially the men.

  31. I do occasionally listen to audiobooks. Once I get used to it I like it but I do find myself distracted and then I gave to go back. I listen the most in the car.

  32. I love audiobooks. They are on my phone, and I listen to them in my commute. I’ve listened to about 15 of your books, whenever I can find them at the library.

  33. Would love to listen to one of your books! Haven’t had the opportunity to listen to many due to the cost!!

  34. I’ve switched almost exclusively to audiobooks. I find it allows me to do other things at the same time as “reading”. I have listened to several of yours, although I, sadly, don’t have as large of an audio collection of your books as I do an ebook one.

  35. I have some favorite narrators and I will listen to almost anything they read. But if I don’t like the narrator, I won’t finish the book no matter how much I would rather listen than read it. (So, I usually end up reading it 😉 )…

  36. i love audio books when i run/walk or drive to work. I have listened to all of yours that i could get my hands on. The more the better for me!

  37. Of course I listen to your books! I have the 1st Wildstone and pre-ordered the next. I have the Heartbreaker Bay series also. I listen while I drive because as I’ve gotten older, driving on highways makes me very anxious.

  38. Yes!

    I walk every morning so have a good hour to listen to audiobooks. When I left my earbuds at home I had to buy another pair at the airport because I had to have something to listen to on the plane, while I knit.

    I have listened to all your books from Animal Magnetism and Lucky Harbor to present, plus a few earlier titles that I have found.

  39. No I don’t. The one I tried (wasn’t yours) I didn’t like the voice and she was too slow. I would like to try again tho. 🌼

  40. I tried listening to a Sandra Brown novel on audio once and the narrator’s voice was so monotone that I couldn’t continue with it. I don’t know if I would enjoy an audio book because I haven’t tried one since then. I know several people who love them. Would love to give one of yours a try.

  41. I haven’t read any audio books. I like to put my own spin on the characters and how my brain reads the books. I might be missing out on not trying an audiobook.

  42. I have never listened to an audio book…I am getting into a walking program, so now would be a good time to try one and yours would be my first choice

  43. I love audiobooks on long car trips, hiking/walking…. and I’ve listened to rumor has it on audiobook

  44. At least half of the books I’ve read of yours has been on audiobook. Karen White, who has narrated the majority of your books, is an awesome narrator! I drive about 1.5 hours daily for work, so listening to audiobooks is my way of multitasking! Love your books!

  45. I love listening to audio books, even ones I have read. Yes, I have listened to some of your books when I can find them in our Digital Library. I usually use the library for audio but buy the books for reading.

    I like to listen to romance like yours, Kristan Higgins, Lori Foster, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Susan Elizabeth Phllips. I also listen to mysteries such as Stuart Woods’ Stone Barrington series, any James Patterson adult books, David Baldacci, and Michael Connelly. I also read legal thrillers such as Gresham’s books and medical thrillers from Tess Gerritsen and Michael Palmer (and his son).

  46. Hi Jill,

    I haven’t listened to any of your books on audible as of yet. I have only listened to one book on audible so far. I would love to listen to one of your books, I have read all of them. listening will be like they are new all over again.

  47. I have not listened to any of your books yet on audio. I have tried in the past to listen to another author’s book on audio and could not get into the story. It may be different with one of your books.I like to read paperbacks because it is easier to let my mind wander into the story as I imagine myself as the heroine.

  48. I listen to audiobooks all the time! In the car, on a night shift, when I go for a walk. I have several of your books as audiobooks. I love them all.

  49. I do not listen to audiobooks. I have several and tried one, but found I didn’t care for them. I would rather read.

  50. I love audiobooks! I listen all the time when I’m walking or cleaning my house. I don’t even listen to music in my car anymore because I always have a book playing. I have listened to several of your books and agree that the Animal Magnetism series is my favorite in audio form.

  51. I love audiobooks when driving kids around or sometimes at work. Makes the time go by faster! (Especially when I can’t have a book in my hand!) Your books I prefer to read, but old favorites work great in audio!

  52. I don’t listen to audiobooks because I have to concentrate too hard to hear. I prefer reading.

  53. LOVE audiobooks. I listen mostly when I drive or go for a walk.
    I snap up a y of your in audio whenever i can

  54. I have listened to all of your books. I am a single mom so i am always on the go or cooking ir cleaning. So i listen in the car or while i am in the shower or in the kitchen. I just download it to my phone and can listen anywhere.

  55. I listen to all kinds of audiobooks. The last one I listened to was Joe Biden’s book Promise Me Dad. Great book, although it did make me cry. Most of my audio’s are contemporary romance and I enjoy listening to them when my hands don’t feel like holding a book.

  56. I never go anywhere in my car without an audio book. I often will listen when doing boring things at home (like cleaning.)
    Your books always have awesome narrators, so when I buy your book, I usually get the audio book also.

  57. I have all of your books on Audio – re-listen to the series each time a new one comes out. I think the Animal Magnetism series is my favorite on audio so far.

  58. Audiobooks are my newest favorite thing. In the evening, while dear hubby watches TV, I listen to audiobooks. I wear headphones and work on craft projects. I also listen to them while in the car. I have listened to your audiobooks several times. The animal magnetism series is one of my favorites. I belong to Audible. Just put in an order for Rainy Day Friends.

  59. I instantly fall asleep the moment I press play. I recently managed to listen to a podcast on a flight. That was a great achievement. But books, it just doesn’t happen for me.

  60. I love to listen to audio books when my girls were in college which wats 4 hours away I would listen to an audio book for the trip. I always listened to romance audio books (mostly contemporary romance). I did this for 8 years straight as they were 4 years apart and went to the same University.

    I would love to listen to one of your books on audio, as I usually read them on my kindle. I miss the trips and listening to a book being read to me

  61. i don’t listen to them. since you have to pay more for them i don’t’ do that. i guess if they were free i might try them.

  62. I did listen to an audio book on a trip once – it was so strange & didn’t make much sense…..then I figured out I had the radio set in random mode! It worked much better after I turned off random.

    I don’t usually but would love to try one of yours.

  63. I have not tried listening to an audio book yet. I drive a lot for work so I should listen to audio books! I’d love to listen to yours!

  64. Hmm, interesting. I have never listened to an audio book, actually, never really thought about it, but would love to give one a try!

  65. I love audio books when I’m traveling. My hubby is a truck driver who hates to read (I know, right??) so I turned him on to audio books too.
    We just went to the library so he could check out 7 of them. Yep, 7 books. I’ve created a monster!!

  66. I have listened to audiobooks, but my mind tends to wander. With a physical book, it’s easier to thumb back when you miss something. I hear so much about how important the narrator is, maybe I should try again but focus in who is speaking the book.

  67. I like to listen to audiobooks on road trips. I have not yet listened to one of your books. 🙂

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