Which of the below happened to me yesterday? Trust me when I tell you that it was more than one … and it’s because apparently I have one of those faces that say please oh please tell me things I don’t want to know about you.

1. I asked an acquaintance how they were and was told that they would be better when their hemorrhoids went away.

2. A friend used “hoo haw” in a sentence referring to her Lady Town. You know who you are.

3. My dog ate every single … morsel out of the kitty litter and then licked my face. I might never recover. Ever.

4. Someone ate the last rack of peanut butter cookies and left me the empty box. You know who you are.

Go ahead. Guess. And yes, sometimes it’s hard to be me.
p.s. Rainy Day Friends is almost here, have you ordered yet?

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  1. Our pug ate the cats poop out of the litter box and then proceeded to throw it up all over my daughter and son-in-laws comforter on their bed. My grandson’s came running to get me, they were gagging so I went in there and I seriously considered throwing it away. It was beyond terrible, I washed that sucker 4 times and by that time my daughter said she would have thrown it away. Should have went with my first idea.

  2. Since all are completely plausible, I guess AOTA! I have been known to use some really off-the-wall terms for my ladytown. Not sharing here! 🤣

  3. Only you Jill would have even one of those happen…but I think it might be all of them!

    I was just thinking I need to preorder this book!!!! 🙂

  4. Knowing you all of the above. I’m so excited to meet you at RAGT 18 later this week. Looking forward to this book too.

  5. My hubby came close to #2 in public yesterday, while trying to ask our 18 year old daughter to repeat herself. I don’t think he meant anything by it, but if you ask “what, what, who, who?” …..Well, you know what it sounds like!

  6. My guess is all of them happened. You poor thing. I don’t know which is worse, the dog kisses or not have cookies to get over that trauma.

  7. Unfortunately, it sounds like ‘a day in the life’ of one of my favorite authors. I think you should just get on a plane and head for the mid-west. OH, wait…you are going to do that this week. See you soon at RAGT!!

  8. So sorry. If even one of them happened to you, you have my sympathy. The dogs and cat box thing ——been there —-done that —–and you are right – I have never been the same. I used to be taller and look at me now.

  9. I’m sorry, even if it was less, I’m gonna say they all happened to you. I hope your day is better today!

  10. Only you! Have to tell you thought, to a dog “kittie cookies” are the best. We had Newfoundlands for 40 years, but have always had a cat. Try racing to clean the litter box with a hairy, 110 – 160 lb. Newf. They throw such outstanding blocks they should be allowed on a football field.

  11. I believe that they are all true.
    P.S. I just won Rainy Day Friends from the Goodreads contest and am anxiously waiting for it to be delivered.

  12. Oh my… I would guess “all of the above”. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  13. I would guess all of those things happened to you. It sounds like your life from how you describe it. Trust me, you are not alone!

  14. Good Monday morning Jill. Yes, I have ordered the book already & can’t wait for this story.

    Those are hard to choose from. I really hope it’s not 3, so I’m going to say 4.

  15. So excited for this book .Won a copy at goodreads.Happy Monday! Have a great week.

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