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  1. Both pics are wonderful – okay, gorgeous, truly. The best is the one with the kid because NOTHING is sexier than a man who LOVES his kids and LOVES being a dad, from changing diapers to teaching them to ride a bike or change a tire or dance or being a role model for how to be a husband and dad or what girls should insist on in the guys they date, or most particularly, marry. The wonderful actor, Adam Baldwin (My Bodyguard, Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, Chuck, The Last Ship) said he absolutely loves his work, but the thing that means the most to him and brings him the most joy and satisfaction is being a dad. It struck a chord with me because that’s how I feel about being a mom. THAT’S the kind of man every girl should dream about.

  2. WAIT!!! You mean he hasn’t already been in one of your books? Why not!! Please do it!!

  3. OMG he melts me when he’s with his kids. He made me smile at a Miley song. Perfection. I’ve held out not buying Thor Ragnorak, but I may soon if you keep doing this. I may hold off until at least vacation though.

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