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As I’m creating some new characters for a new story, I’m wondering . . . can we be so shallow as to discuss fantasy . . . body parts?

Leaving off the ONE OBVIOUS part, let’s hear it, ladies. What’s your favorite spot on a man?

I have to say I’m an abs girl myself . . .

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  1. All day it is arms. Dress shirt with rolled up sleeve showing the forearm….and a watch. Swoon.

  2. If I’m just looking, it’s butts & thighs all day long (I shoulda been a cowgirl!). I wish my guy would do a little more to shape up, but he’s got less than a prize in me these days, so we just work on it together when we can. 😉

  3. Perfection puts me off – in real life or in fiction. Flaws make me feel tender.

  4. Abs (the ‘v’).. Forearms… Shoulders… Dimples… Jawline… how is a girl suppose to choose

  5. Eyes first, then the legs. My hubby plays soccer and those legs… Wow!

    Though, this reminds me of a family story: My dad sitting to dinner with my mom and her parents. My grandmother, serving the chicken, asked my dad if he was “a leg or a breast man.” 😂 She really was asking about which chicken piece he’d like, but the whole table lost it.

  6. I’ve tried to really think and try to come up with my fave. Can’t do it! Love all the parts. Sigh…….

  7. I love ABS on a man, but in real life we don’t always get that. My husband teases me about my phone screensaver. He says all you have to do is shave me, and I will look like that. Not quite, but he does look good himself. 😀
    In all honesty, my husband’s eye drew me to him. It’s been said he has bedroom eyes. This makes him blush.

  8. For me it’s the eyes, smile and arms. Eyes because they convey so much about a soul. Smile because it usually indicates he can laugh. Arms because I am a girl and I like muscles in a man!

  9. In order, eyes, lips (thin lips turn me off, I like a full lower lip), shoulders, abs, hair, calves, then hips. Trim but not slender. I like a guy who is defined but not too bulked up.

  10. Hands. I’ve always noticed a mans hands right away. Hands can tell you so much about a person.

  11. Shoulders and biceps. They don’t have to be huge, but broad and well defined. I also like a well defined “V” when looking at his back. I also like a little body hair. I like guy to look like a man, not a Ken doll. The only exception is if he has ink. It is a turn off if I have to look through body hair to see the ink.

  12. I like it all, I start with the eyes then the face I like a strong face then I love to watch a man’s back and arm muscles as he moves and works. Then I like to look at the legs and a nice rear end in a pair of jeans.

  13. Eyes, and I cannot honestly tell you why, except, when a man smiles with his eyes, his whole body smiles. It’s mesmerizing and hypnotizing.

  14. Nape of the neck.
    Don’t know why, but a good nape gets the tingles going.
    Love your posts! This is the first time I have commented.

  15. Forearms (with long sleeves rolled up), strong hands, a smile that melts your heart and eyes that can see into the depths of your soul. Toss in a backside that knows how to fill a pair of Wranglers and legs that are muscled from a day’s work…perfection is created.

  16. Well apparently I’m in the minority here, but the parts that attract me first are a nice butt, legs and eyes, in that order. Broad shoulders and lean hips. I’m not a fan of big muscles. Like I said, in the minority. Hehe 🌼

    1. I don’t like the huge power muscles either but I like muscle from a hard day’s work and yes a nice butt is a plus.

  17. I look at a man’s eyes first. If he has kind eyes, he will be kind I have found out.

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