Yes, this is a pic of Dobby, aka Dumbass looking pretty adorable in the back seat of the truck. But look a little closer, because it’s also a pic of…

One sibling sitting on another who is trying to take a nap. 🙂

Anyone out there have more than one pet? Do you get a lot of antics going on?

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  1. I have 3 dogs and a cat. my cat likes to ambush the dogs. He lays on my computer chair and as the dogs walk under (i have cocker spaniels) he bops them. They always look so surprised but are good as they don’t retaliate. He obviously is boss of the house

  2. Yes we have one mastiff and 11 cats. He chases the cats sometimes because he wants to pay but some of the cats like to run up against him and purr. While he looks like they’ve just given him cooties. Then the cats year through the house like they are driving a car in a Nascar race. Things go flying and sometimes if you’re in the way they run right over you leaving tread (claw) marks.

  3. I’ll bet your girls had just as many antics growing up… 🙂 We’ve had multiples of pets for over 30 years. Our first two cats were littermates and dangerously smart. They were into ALL kinds of trouble. But they made us laugh, sometimes hysterically, and that certainly got them out of trouble. One had brains, the other had the brawn, and then the fun began. They found the ONE opening in the three story garage ceiling (fun getting them down from there!); they found the hidden opening in the ductwork and explored the house via the vents; they were ever vigilant to protect us from the hot air balloons that landed in the fields near our house… Gaw, I miss them! The next four overlapped some and had their fair share of adventures but nothing like the first two.

  4. Oh no! Poor Cali!! Every once in awhile my two little ones will “dance” around each other their nails clicking away on the wood floors. They’ll dance, stop, dance, stop. Then the Malshi will start running back and forth across the living room as fast as he can and the doxie will get up on the couch and bark at him like she’s cheering him on. Too funny. 🌼

  5. My older daughter has 2 Schnauzers who are always going after each other. Yep, just like siblings. One is always jealous of the other and butting in to get attention, the toy, or food the other has.

  6. Used to have more than one dog – 3 Boxers. Yes, sitting on someone was a regular activity. They also slapped one another – boxers after all. When one of the girls lost a front leg due to her cancer – she was at a huge disadvantage. They also would take someone’s lip in their mouth and walk away. Rather like a wet and sloppy rubber band.

    But, they also spooned with one another and cuddled really well.

  7. I love this picture, my sons dog when it over gets tired of my dog running around her and she does the same thing. Its the dogs way of getting peice. So funny

  8. We have two dogs and one cat. Chewie and Pepper are brother and sister. They are from two different litters but the same parents. They sleep as close to each other as they can.

  9. Awww, poor puppy! A perfect example of why Dobby has tha nickname 😂. We have 2 cats, who get along, but sometimes Phoebe just wishes her brother Piper would back the hell off!

  10. We have a older Bichon, a 5 yr old Irish setter/ Golden retriever , and a 1 1 1/2 yr old rescue who they said was Black lab/ Hound mix…The hound part turned out to be Irish Wolf Hound @.@ . Add 2 crazy middle aged cats to the mix and my house is a zany zoo!

  11. Poor Cali. No pets except hubby at the moment.

    I love all of your pets & the shenanigans that go on. Thank you for sharing.

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