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  1. First…. let me say I love you, but right now I’m not happy with you. Second, you’re GROUNDED! Third, if you give me a treat and some lovin’ I may forgive in a day or two.

  2. Probably what my three young kids told my husband and me yesterday when we came back from a long weekend abroad: “What did you bring me??”

  3. I’m waiting! Begin to grovel, human, and don’t forget my special treats! Pronto

  4. “Drat! I never did find where she hid the oreos”
    “Oh hey! I didn’t know you were back”

  5. So, let’s get this straight….If you ever, I mean EVER, leave me alone with THEM again I cannot promise you that I will behave. I will be forced to act and it won’t be pretty. Capisce?

  6. Really? Really?? You want me to believe that you were off doing work? And my feline assistance wasn’t necessary? I don’t think so. And you thought I was Satan before…

  7. If you leave me again, you’re going to find a surprise in your favorite shoes. 🤣

  8. Really Mom. You won’t believe how things were while you were gone. You cannot leave me alone with the rest of them again!

  9. Oh, you’re back. I may have left a little somethin’ somethin’ for you while you were gone. Watch your step!

  10. “Sit down. We need to talk. I just realized yesterday that you haven’t been around, and now you show up just when I was going to get busy annoying the ManChild that has been feeding me.”

  11. You will not believe all the things the dogs did while you were gone. I tried to tell them not to.

  12. (I was fortunate enough to win a copy so no entry for me, please!) Mom, first: You did not clear your trip with me. Second, I have lists of what the dogs did while you were gone. Third, I left you a present in your slippers. Fourth…I missed you. Did you bring ME a present????

  13. Mom did you bring me any treats from the RT Booklovers Convention, Purrrr-chance?

  14. ~~sigh~~
    If you only knew what I have had to put up with since you’ve been gone.
    I hope you brought treats.

  15. Where have you been? And I expect a really good reason for you to abandon me. I could have died. You do realize I could have died.

  16. and what exactly did you bring ME back?????? it better be good since i had to dog sit these fools while you were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hooman…where have you been!!! You left me with THEM! Those barking fools! Give me treats and
    head rubs =^-^=

  18. “ You left me alone with THEM. For this you must pay! Be afraid Jill, be afraid……”

  19. I kept letting the dogs out, they kept coming back. You need to fix that before the next trip.

  20. I did my best to exhibit decorum while you were away, but the others make it difficult. Now where’s my reward?

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