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  1. So many good ones already commented but Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth are super yummy!

  2. Alex O’Loughlin, Shemar Moore, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo — Need more? LOL

  3. Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Frasier
    (I can’t think of his name at the moment).

  4. Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume! He’s jummie with or in regular clothes, but that costume is the bomb!

  5. Agree with your ‘both’. And I’ll just go along with whatever you post, so I’m good!

  6. WOW! Chris Pine’s blue eyes are something else., and a rare find like Paul Newman. I know I’m going to be showing my age, but find an old pic of Pail Newman and compare. The eyes have it. 😍

  7. Jamie Dornan has wonderful scruff and so does Theo James. They can give me whisker rash anytime!

  8. With Chris Pine it’s always the eyes. When he comes on screen, I’m so mesmerized by the eyes that I forget to watch the scene. Not that I couldn’t make a case for the stubble too!

    I’m going to go with Chris Hemsworth, or Liam Hemsworth. I’m not picky 😉

  9. This Chris Pune pic?!? … 😍
    But … for next week?? Hmmm … since DP2 is in theaters Friday, I say … Ryan Reynolds!!!!! 😁❤💕😍

  10. Tom Hiddleston has lovely eyes as well or Ian Somerhalder. Not sure which I prefer

  11. I love the old photos of Tom Selleck and Robert Redford. Currently Chris Pratt for sure!

  12. Ian somerhalder has some eyes that will just mesmerize you. Loving the Scott Eastwood scruff too!😘

  13. Jen beat me to it, but I second Hugh Jackman. Scruffy or clean cut, cannot beat him

  14. Hugh Jackman is always a personal favorite, especially when scruffy. Better than a brownie.

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