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  1. I believe the word is obsessed. When he was on Grey’s Anatomy, I received actual physical sympathy cards. I randomly get articles featuring him in the mail from friends all across the country. I don’t watch all his movies, but I’ve been known to see a movie just because of him. No matter how long he’s in it (I’m looking at you, Kingdom). I own Early Edition on DVD and still sign petitions to get Homefront on DVD or streaming which is where my love affair, no, deep and meaning full relationship with him.

  2. Such a hottie and his roles are so diverse. Loved him in Grey’s Anatomy, he broke my heart in Manchester by the Sea, and then turns around to silliness in Game Night! Love him!

  3. Love him! My husband had a drink with him in a bar and didn’t know who he was. So mad I wasn’t there. Ugh!

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