And how was your day?

So the other day it looked like a glorious day. Went for a hike.

And then not two hours later, I was back at the house working and the winds came. HUGE winds. Like send Frat Boy behind the couch huge. Another hour and the sun was gone and so was all the green. This is because we got 3 inches of new snow.

I know I keep harping on this but it IS May, right? Just checking.

Oh and p.s. … It’s Give Jill Your Opinion Day. Tell me what draws you here, what you’d like to see more or less of. Book stuff? Personal stuff? Puppies? Cookies? ๐Ÿ˜Ž Speak up or forever hold your peace.

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  1. I’ve been unpacking from the move. Rearranging furniture in my room so that I can have a recliner in the room. Everything is coming along. I love our new home, but I’d love to be able to do more.

    I don’t want to upset you, but the temp. will be about 80 today. We had no spring, but the flowers are beautiful, and I love the colors.

    Enjoy your writing, and the wonderful views.

  2. You’re definitely an I Love Lucy person with a humorous attitude and family dedication. I’ve been looking for paper version of Good Luck Sister since May 1 and can’t find it so I’m having an I Love Lucy 9 days myself…

  3. I am here because I read everything you write: your books, your blog / Facebook / Instagram posts. I love your style, your sense of humor, your personality. So keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for all these!

  4. I love your “I love Lucy” moments. I also live about an hour away from where you are and I know how quickly the weather changes. It’s insane here in Nevada. Every day I look forward to your newsletter because I’m guaranteed a laugh.

  5. Love to hear about all of your writing, travels, family, pups, Lucy moments and whatโ€™s new in your book world

  6. You are fine. Keep it up. My life is dull compared to yours and I love reading about yours, makes me feel normal.

  7. I’m drawn because you never fail to amuse me. Your books, your posts, your pictures and stories are like cool water on a hot day or warm cocoa on the wintry days you keep showing us.
    Thank you for the smiles. Thank you for sharing the positive, it’s getting harder and harder to find that these days!

  8. ALL OF IT! Do not change a thing. Please. Sometimes you email is the only fun I get in a day.

    Keep them coming.

  9. As far as I am concerned, keep it just the way it is….I’m always delighted to find what you’ve posted…never have been disappointed….thanks ever so!

  10. I enjoy all of your news, cookies, vacations, Alpha man, books but especially the dogs and puppies, Frat Boy and Dumb Ass are my favorites. I love your pictures of hikes, it reminds me of when I lived in Tahoe. And it can snow in June and July which always used to freak me out. Love all your books and tid bits on yourlife. Thank You

  11. Any of the above! Your blog is amusing (sometimes riotously so), informative, and great photos. Makes my day.

  12. I love your page the way it is.I love hearing about your day and what is going on.It is perfect.

  13. You brighten my world. Not to mention when I do something goofy I can count on you doing it even better.

  14. I need my daily laugh, I love hearing your stories, finding up what the dogs are up too, how your daughters & Alpha man are doing and what new cookies are out there. Also, updates on your books.

  15. We’ve had glorious sunshine here for a few days, May Day Bank Holiday without rain is almost unheard of in the UK.
    Love love love your blogs, the snippets about your family are wonderful and the tales of near misses with squirrels and such like make me laugh.

  16. I want it all and enjoy it all.Your a great author and that’s what brings me here.Love your books.

  17. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the “research” and “today’s writing inspiration” pictures you so generously share. Plus all of the other things mentioned above. Thank you for being you!

  18. A lot of times you’re my morning funny and I always appreciate that, so please keep doing what you’re doing.

  19. Thank you. My day was great. Food shopping. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    I love all your posts. Your walks, family, and everything. You make fun of certain clumsy moments and laugh with your hubby. Your girls are beautiful. So please keep it going.

  20. I enjoy the personal and puppy stories the most. We would like to see a picture of you and Alpha Man from your daughter’s wedding.

  21. Please keep the personal antidotes and funny stories regarding your personal life. You crack me up.

  22. I love all your books, but especially all the smiles you give us in your book and on your blog. So enjoy seeing pictures of your animals, kids and all your Lucy moments! Whenever I need a pick me up, I turn to you. Thank you.

  23. I’m sorry about your weather…but at least you and the fur babies were back home, right? And I’m good with whatever you post — it always brightens my day so I’m good!

  24. I love reading your blog.. So hilarious. I love hearing about your pets, weather (my sister and her family live in Truckee (Russel Valley) , and your family. Always, seems to fit so close to home.

  25. No complaints about anything you post. I’m drawn in by your I love Lucy moments as well as your family and pet stories. Definitely enjoy all the book updates as well.

  26. I love your I love Lucy moments, because it is nice to know I am not the only one who does things like that.

  27. i love everything about your page. the notice of books coming out, the trials of your family, all of it. the pictures are great, also!!!!!

  28. ๐Ÿ˜š Everytime I see a picture like your first one, I get really envious of you, then you post pic #2 and Iโ€™m so very happy to not be where you are. Yes, it is May. We are finally getting somewhat spring like weather in Philly, so Iโ€™m happy.

    I love reading about you and your family and your adventures, small and large. And I love finding out when your next books will be available.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Boonsboro.

  29. I enjoy stories about your personal life. The humor I love in your books is here in your blog . I often end up laughing out loud at the stories you tell.

  30. We have gotten snow there in June so the snow doesn’t surprise me. Just glad you weren’t caught out in it. A Jillcycle would not be good. I love you Lucy does and the dog stories and bear and spider stories. Love hearing about up coming books. Inspiration pictures are wonderful too.

  31. I have to say, I love hearing about your personal “adventures”. They are always entertaining!

  32. I enjoy all your posts. I have to say you make me laugh as I read them and that is good. But I really enjoy your inspiration photos.

  33. I cannot believe you have snow again. That would drive me totally crazy.

    That said, I agree with everything that everybody has already said. I read your blog first then in the morning when I turn on my computer and it always makes me happy.

    Thank you.

  34. I love the insights into your everyday life, the hikes, the bears, the dogs, Alpha man and the Lucy moments. It makes me feel like I know you and then when a book releases I say “Oh my friend Jill has a new book I must have it”. I look forward to your blog it makes my day!

  35. I love hearing about all your life!!! It’s very exciting!! But most of all I adore FRAT BOY!!!!!! HE IS THE COOLEST!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  36. I love your humor, your down-to-earth days and hearing that your life is whacky too. The family, animals and general crazies make me smile and laugh out loud ( even if it might not be in a proper setting).
    Hearing about your upcoming books is great too but there are just days when your blog gets me through a rough day. I cannot say thank you enough.

  37. I come because you make me laugh! I love all of it… Lucy moments, Alpha Man, Oldest..Middle and youngest. And maybe the grandparent moments if and when that happens.(I will be one at the end of the month!!) and of course the BOOKS. PLEASE keep it up.

  38. I love it all: the personal stuff, the I Love Lucy moments, Alpha Man’s “Lucy Moments”, the pups, the cookies, the books, It’s all a package deal with you!

  39. For me – Keep on Keepin’ On. I read a couple of blogs on a daily basis. And the common theme on the ones which are part of my daily habit is humor. And family information. And HUMOR. General thoughts. Oh yeah, humor.

    One of the things I believe is I have gotten to know why you are a talented author by reading about how you view the world. And I thank you for that.

    I am sorry you are getting snow. Just keep reminding yourself, it could be worse, you could be in Texas.

  40. I come to your blog to find out more about your books and the characters that you write about. An occasional pet picture, or weather picture is okay, but honestly you live in the mountains so you should be receiving more snow than those of us who don’t. I would just like to know about the characters that write about and why you choose to write them.

  41. Jill I love your I Love Lucy moments, pics of your family and pets. Ok pretty much everything. You know whatโ€™s funny, Iโ€™ve met you several times at RWA Conventions, and you are on the shy side, however, on your blog and in your books, you are anything but shy. I love that about you.

  42. Love them all. Your “I Love Lucy” moments are quite entertaining. Your hunky guy moments are interesting. Your book into is good. Keep them coming.

  43. You are hilarious! I love to read your I Love Lucy stories as well as those about Alpha Man and our children and pets. You have a lovely family.

  44. Oh Jill I love all your post. I enjoy your weather, puppies, book stuff, your writing inspiration, personal stuff – Alpha Man & 3 favorite people, cookies, I Love Lucy stuff, animal visitors, hikes you take.

    I am sure I left something out but Jill I just really enjoy your blog as well as your stories.

  45. Your blog starts my day off with a smile. Love to hear about your puppies, family and life in general. Much appreciated that you share as you do ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

  46. More snow?? Will it ever end?!?! I come back to this website for your humor. Doesn’t matter what the topic, you always make me smile.

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