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  1. You are getting sleepy … you are getting verrry sleepy … watch the saggy tail … sleepy … zzzzzzzzz 😴😴😴

  2. Of I hold it just like this…… Mom won’t have any Lucy moments today and all will be right with our little world!!!!!

  3. Be afraid. be very afraid. I am keeping my eyes on you so you can’t leave me.

  4. Ah, Mom, let’s go on a hike. I promise I won’t roll in
    any bear poop….uh, I’ll try not to anyway. Come on

  5. C’mon Mom, it’s naptime. Stop working and come lie down beside me. Pretty please????

  6. Aww mom not again, fine I’ll let you take a picture but I’m not smiling this time. Also I want a cookie

  7. Ummm excuse me….do you know when you may be ready to take me for a walk?

  8. Um excuse me…..do you happen to know when you may be ready to talk me for a walk?

  9. Mom, I’m a bit hung over from that frat party last night. Can I borrow your shades?

  10. Hooooooomannnnnnnnn…….cooooookieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Frat Boy:))

  11. i know you are hiding something, but, i don’t know what, and i want some!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for making the sunshine today mom, it feels so good after a long winter!

  13. I love you! You’re so pretty! ………..um I was just wondering, can I go roll in the bear poop now?…….have I told you today how lovely you look?

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