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So … I started wondering. Of all my heroes that I’ve written … (And there are many!) Who is your favorite and from what book?

p.s. don’t forget that the $1.99 novella THE GOOD LUCK SISTER comes out tomorrow and includes a big sneak peek at next month’s BIG book summer release RAINY DAY FRIENDS!

Rainy Day Friends

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The Good Luck Sister

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  1. Always the one I’m currently reading 😉 they are all so lovable. Though if I have to pick just one I go to Sawyer every single time. Something about him just gets to me😘

  2. Pick just one!! That is like asking a mother to pick a favorite child. I love each of your heroes as I read the book. They are all marvelous dahling!!

    I just turned on my tablet to see if Good Luck Sisters is there! It better be as I preordered . 🙂

  3. Love all your heroes but Sawyer, Head Over Heels, will always be it for me. 🙂 My print copy should be here tomorrow…we’ll see if Big A delivers on its Prime service, but can’t wait!

  4. It’s really hard to pick just one as it’s usually the one I”m currently reading. I’ve loved every single one of your heros!!! Starting with Jax, Ford & Sawyer and moving on from there.

  5. Ben from Once in a Lifetime (Lucky Harbor). I just read that book again yesterday. ☺️

  6. I tried i really tried but every time I thought I had picked one, another one came to mind. Maybe I will do better on the next quiz!😄

  7. I was discussing this recently with a good friend. There are so many! I love them all, but here’s my top ten. Joe and Archer have completely stolen my heart, and I just can’t pick one over the other, so they’ll have to be tied for first.
    1. Joe- About That Kiss
    1. Archer- Accidentally On Purpose
    3. Sawyer- Head Over Heels
    4. Matt- At Last
    5. Sam- It’s In His Kiss
    6. Jacob- Nobody But You
    7. Brady- Animal Magnetism
    8. Parker- All I Want
    9. Jack- Always On My Mind
    10. Wade- Slow Heat

  8. Tanner from One In A Million, Lucky Harbor, and Sawyer from both the original Lucky Harbor book and the short story, Merry Christmas Baby.

  9. I love them all but if I have to choose it would be a toss up between the Wilder brothers and the brothers from Animal Magnetism: Adam, Dell and Brady. They sound so good!!

  10. I have read most of your books. It is hard for me to choose just one hero as all your heroes have special qualities for them. If I have to choose, I would say Spence from Chasing Christmas Eve. It took me by surprise that Willie turned out to be Spence’s grandfather. I suspected that he was an uncle of one of the people in the Heartbreak Bay series. Him being Spence’s grandfather sure took me by surprise.

  11. I have read all of your books written since 2007 on, plus a few earlier ones. I cannot even begin to pick just one. I love them all!!

  12. That’s hard to choose! But Sawyer Thompson from Lucky Harbor and Mick Hennesy from Lost and Found Sisters stick with me. Of course, I love all the guys from Lucky Harbor and Cedar Ridge and Heartbreaker Bay . . . You make such fun, smart, sexy men!

  13. I really love all your heroes that you have written but a few have stuck in the back of my mind.

    Joe Malone, Sheriff Sawyer Thompson, Dr Josh Scott.

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