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  1. Shade ! Yes ! Bring It On …. the snow will last longer…. My long black hairy legs in the upright position will create shade !!! Yes just like those branches…. Cool Sweet Snow !

  2. Oh yeah, oh yeah! It’s coming! It’s coming! I feel it…….. the ground!
    Snow’s over, snow’s over for good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lol … our Katie, black lab, sleeps like that sometimes… but we also call that the ‘slut puppy’ pose .. which is SCRATCH MY TUMMY NOW!!!

  4. I’m only doing this so that my “servant” won’t find out that I’m really brilliant!

  5. Every time I write a comment, I am told that I have already said that when I haven’t even commented! What is happening? I’m disappointed that there seems to be a glitch that I am unable to overcome which is, in turn, taking me out of a possible win of a book!😬😬

  6. I’ve invented a new sport Upside down snow napping. And if you give me a push on my back paws I’ve invented another. Upside down body sledding.

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