So here’s what happens when you need new prescription for your glasses. You get onto an elevator before your family, they yell “hold the door” and you hit what you think is the hold the door button and … the elevator door closes. Because what you pushed wasn’t a button at all but the braille sign for hold the door…

And then you get lost because you didn’t know where you were going. Your family knew. The family you left in the elevator hallway.

Getting old sucks.

The Good Luck Sister

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  1. Oh, man – how I can identify with this! I don’t have a reading glass collection to rival my cousin’s (YET!), but let’s just say I can reach four pairs from where I’m sitting. 😊

  2. JIll…I just stick my cane in the elevator doors. That works great. I’ve also stuck my arm, but got a huge bruise, my foot, but I really didn’t need that shoe, and my butt. Glad your family found you…kind of like getting lost in the forest. Just sit down where you are and stay there!

  3. Getting old is not for sissys. Our vision isn’t as good, our bones are softening, our memory is fading, and we tend to repeat ourselves. But there’s still a lot to say for getting older too.

  4. It sure does! Agree with you 100%.

    Hope it didn’t take to long to get reunited.

    Have a good day Jill.

  5. S’okay, Jill. I’m sure they found you, as you are posting, so all is well. Of course, it would have been better if they had cookies when they rescued you… 🙂

  6. Yes it does suck. But like Lyn said, you’ve got a ways to go. And take your time, because it just goes so fast! 🌼

  7. old. right. sweetie, you don’t know what old is … yet … lol and take your time getting here.

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