How I Monday…

So we got tired of the snow and drove south until we found sun and surf. The first thing I did was stub my toe, probably because I hadn’t worn sandals in seven months.

Then Alpha Man, being a boy, went walking instead of sitting on the beach and worshiping the sun, and there was this hungry bird calling to him in the water.

So Alpha Man would dig up a little crab.

And flip it to the hungry bird.

Who then wanted to marry Alpha Man.

And then there was this little girl, a perfect little stranger, who was watching him and then wanted her own little crab to flip to the little bird, only she couldn’t catch one. So Alpha Man helped her dig for the little crabs.

In a few days, it’ll be time to head back up to our mountain. But I hear it’s snowing there . . .

I’m not feeling the snow . . .

Nope. Not one little bit . . .

The Good Luck Sister

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  1. Alpha Man seems like a great guy. I too am tired of snow. No chance of getting away though but hopefully Spring is coming!

  2. How nice you’re able to get away for a bit! Everything gets kind of sucky if you HAVE to be there…even home! Safe travels!

  3. I wouldn’t be feelin’ it either so enjoy the warmth and sun! Hope you don’t hafta take home the bird, too… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I believe this shows that both you and Alpha Man are brilliant people who make wise decisions.

    If I were near a beach, that would be my choice too. Thanks for the pictures. Most of all, thanks for the reminder that there are men like your Alpha Man.

  5. I love the beach! That’s always my “go to” place when I want to get away and relax. Unfortunately, the ocean is about 6 hours from where I live.

  6. Alpha man is really sweet to help that little girl. I bet he was an amazing dad. I’m with you, I’ve had enough of this snow!! Hope your toe feels better,

  7. I love that he helped her find a crab!! Glad you had fun on your vacation.

  8. It will be 90* today in Tucson. We need moisture but not in the form of snow. I could use some beach time as well. Have fun.

  9. So fortunate you have warm beaches nearby.! We would need to be bundled up to enjoy the shore in New England right now. In addition, they are not so pretty because of the massive storm damage from a couple of the storms last month. Hopefully, the weather she be achangin’ soon. Spring should arrive in May, and then a couple months of summer. But fall is the best!

  10. Your vacation sounds wonderful! And you are probably headed back to snow, which has become a four-letter Word this winter.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. I think I would wait a few more days or week before going back to snow.

    Hope your toe heals fast. Take care & enjoy.

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