The Good Luck Sister

This one stands alone (for $1.99 no less!!!) but if you read Lost And Found Sisters and loved Tilly, you’ll not want to miss her all grown up and seeking her own love story. 🙂

Need another teaser from The Good Luck Sister? How about:

Tilly Adams stared at the doctor in shock. “Say that again?”
Dr. Janet Lyons smiled. “I think Leo faked being sick so you’d stay home from work today.”
Tilly looked down at Leo. “You do know he’s a dog, right?”

Longer excerpt here. Available in digital and print, and if you’d do me the honor of keeping me employed, I’ll be forever grateful. XOXO!!!

The Good Luck Sister

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  1. Pre-ordered back in January and am still waiting. Looking forward to reading this wonderful story!!

  2. Going to be a great book to read ! Jill you must eat everything omega-3 …. and a whole lot of brain food !!!! Stories unendng in a wealth of great stories ! Kudos for you …. and Yay from moi ! …. love the idea of reading a grown up version of Tilly !!! 🙂

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