White brocoli…

So Youngest has been doing most of the cooking around here, which is awesome. She has a lot of food allergies so it’s always tricky. She’s been using a lot of cauliflower, as pizza crusts and other inventive things.

But here’s the problem.

I can never remember the word cauliflower. It’s like my brain is too full for that one word. Every single time I try to conjure up the word when I need it, all that comes to mind is white broccoli. So that’s what I say. White broccoli. And it never fails to make Alpha Man laugh his butt off at me. Whatever. At least I know where my wallet is and don’t wander around the house every single day asking everyone who took it…

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  1. When covered with cheeeeeeese, they can be difficult to tell apart, problem solved! [unless you are lactose intolerant, right?]

    I couldn’t come up with the word ‘snowflake’ while recuperating from a surgical procedure. I blame the anesthesia.

  2. With my littles, it was always……….Broccoli is little trees, cauliflower is white trees. You know, snow covered.

  3. When my oldest was 3 or 4 he was a bit of a picky eater. He would eat broccoli but wouldn’t touch cauliflower so I told him that the cauliflower was just white broccoli. That made perfect sense to him and he ate it from then on with no problem. Fast forward a few years and he was in school and had to identify cauliflower for some reason and of course he called it white broccoli… oops, mom fail, guess I should have told him at some point that it was actually cauliflower.

  4. I’ve gotten ‘mental blocks’ on certain things all my life – sometimes it helps if you repeat the word over & over – sometimes that makes it stick – of course you might want to do that on one of your walks thru the woods so only the dogs hear you muttering ‘broccoli – broccoli – broccoli’ over & over.

  5. Ha! Alpha Man!
    For me, it’s “paper clip”. Always comes out as “q tip”! 😉

  6. When our children were small we took them to a hands-on museum, where you can crawl on, touch, and interact with the displays. My husband got into a cockpit of a jet plane that was partially dismantled and lowered so children can climb in it. As my hubby was sitting down into the pilot’s seat with our toddler son in his lap, I said, “Oh, hun, you’re in the ejaculation seat !” He looked at me and said, “Shhhhhh !!!” He then got immediately out and leaned down and whispered into my ear, “ you mean EJECTION SEAT”. Then, because I just had to open my mouth and say “ we’ll, if the shoe fits……”. He just walked away and I noticed his shoulders were shaking and then I heard him laughing !

  7. Cauliflower – the other white vegetable!
    We have a Macarena dance around my house
    Cell phone, spectacles
    Wallet, testicles
    Then he’s good to go out to the big world…..

  8. I know it was cauliflower as soon add I saw white broccoli. Do you enjoy the cauliflower pizza crust etc.

  9. I know that reading your daily posts will lift my spirits. I love your sang sense of humor! Thank you!!!

  10. Well, they are somehow related. They’re always side by side at the grocery store and one never goes on sale without the other one being on sale too. They’re like joined at the hip. So you may be right!!

  11. I believe my sister-in-law recently said her hubby also calls it white broccoli or maybe just broccoli. The “other” broccoli. LOL

  12. I totally suffer from crs (can’t remember shit) or that’s what my Dr said.I always accuse someone of hiding my stuff .When actually I do it.Have a great Thursday.

  13. OK – so, Miss Perfect – I bet you are one of those people who have never put something away and can’t remember where it is?

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