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  1. You see this snow, Mom? It’s incredible, come try, come try, come try! ‘Kay Mom! You coming? Mom, Mom!

  2. I’ll start digging your way,
    You start digging mine,
    We’ll meet in the middle
    ‘neath that old Sierra Pine
    we’ll gain a lot of ground
    ’cause we’ll both give a little
    and their ain’t no road to long
    when you meet in the middle

  3. (sing the tune – I know you know it)
    Do you want to build a snowmaaaan? Come on let’s go and plaaaay!

  4. Soooo…..it looks like I might have gotten in a little deeper than I thought! A little help? 🙄

  5. Come on in! The snow is fine! (But I’d really rather we moved to the beach. Can we mom? Huh? Can we?) 🌼

  6. Mom come help m,e build a snow fort to hide from Sadie. You can hide with me and we can share your cookies. Come on and help me. I’ll do the digging.

  7. Yes I hear you calling me. But Satan er Sadie is after me and sitting in the snow is much safer then an angry cat.

  8. She can’t see me. I have my cloak of invisibility on and she can’t see me!!!! Hee!Hee!!Hee!!!

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