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  1. I’d love to win this book! I think that your books are a delight to read, especially those with animals and alphas. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh wow amazing I would love to win, love your books and your newsletters. Thank you for the chance

    1. Omg! Just seen it is an ARC even better, I have everything crossed. Thank you x

  3. I would. I need to read it before too many more books and I get them mixed up! I’ve read ALL your other books. I need more!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Cuz I read that teaser chapter you included at the end of Lost and Found sisters and I howled, I wanted to read this book so bad! PLEASE AND THANK YOU! (as a very little person I know likes to holler at the top of her lungs when she really wants something πŸ™‚ )

  5. Me me Me Me love love your books they take you to that happy place in your heart thank you so much for Opportunity and your generosity

  6. I love Jill’s books but I always have to wait until they are on sale, because I live in a very small Social Security payment, and have a very small budget for books. I’d love to read an advance copy.

  7. I would love to win! I really enjoy your books. They are nice fun reads. Thank you for the chance

  8. You’re actually asking why??????????? We all worship at the feet of your creative muse. We wait with baited breath for the next release! In other words, please let me have a book….. C’mon, you know you want to!

  9. I would love an ARC copy because I’m now reading your archived titles waiting for new books!! In 65 pages I’ll have none!

  10. I am one of your biggest fans. I read everything you have just as soon as you release it. I could really use an escape right now. My dad got bad news at the doctor and I could get lost in your new book.

  11. Because I need a win as I’m in a losing battle with the terrible threes πŸ™ seriously though love your books and would be honored to get an early copy… or any copy πŸ™‚

  12. I would love to read this book. I have read all of your books more than one time. I always feel like I am the heroine in them.

  13. Am I too late? I love the new wildstone series after reading I bought several copies to give as gifts (it’s the perfect gift)! Can’t wait to read Rainy Day Friends with a cup of tea, scone (or cookie)!

  14. Me,me,me!! (Please, please, please!) You’re my favorite author. I’m currently stuck at the lake house, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, except it’s in the land of snow and ice (and I hate winter, cold, snow and ice) I’m rapidly running out of books. Help!

  15. I suffer with anxiety due to menopause and your books relax me with a gin and take me far away

  16. I just love your books and can’t wait to read this story. I read a brief except when I finished ABOUT THAT KISS and it left me hanging. Please don’t leave me hanging. Be kind and help a girl out.
    Send one my way. πŸ™‚

  17. Please choose me. I hate waiting when I find a book I’m ready to read 😊😊😊

  18. I am very interested in winning a copy of rainy day friends for ME.
    After reading, I will the donate the book to the library where I work. Your books are so popular here we never seem to have enough copies, we are on a tight budget so extra books come in handy.

  19. Reading this book would be a breath of fresh air after dealing with 3 nor’easters in a week and a half here in New England.

  20. I’m 82 years young and my greatest pleasure is reading…and your stories make me feel young again…keep ’em coming!!!

  21. I’ll admit I’ve gotten a little bit behind in my reading!! But I’d love to have this.

  22. Me please! I just finished about that kiss and now I need another Jill book to read. I am an avid fan of yours and really want to read this next Book by you.

    You are a fantastic writer and I really enjoy all your books.

  23. I would love this! I have read every book and fallen in love with every character you have written…. I get your books, devour them then have to go back a few days later and read again, because I am so fed up I have finished it!

  24. Yes. I read your books and then buy numerous gift copies for my friends so we have a Disney world in our minds to escape to and discuss.

  25. Awesome give away. Why do I want one…I love your books, I’m looking forward to reading this one, June seems far away.

  26. I would love to read and review your book. My 9 year old granddaughter is having open heart surgery on the 14th. I need something to keep my spirits up while waiting while she’s having the surgery and during her recovery. Thanks Jill! Your books always lift my spirits!

  27. I would love to have an advanced copy. I love all your books and with Spring deciding it is not coming anytime soon , it would be a bright spot for sure…

  28. Definetely keen, as it is coming into winter here in New Zealand so will need a pile of books

  29. I would love to read it. I love the cover. It makes me think of fun summers when I was younger . It also makes me think I will love the story.

  30. Me!!! Why, because the author is Jill Shalvis! Do I need another reason? Keep up the great writing!

  31. I have read ALL of your books, over and over again. I love reading your earlier works, too! All of the characters come to life and I just love the way you have them interact!

  32. I would love a copy, and why? Because I stalk you…in a good way. Love your books, your humor, and your heart for romance!

  33. Me please. I will be traveling soon & will need something to do while waiting in the airport & on the flights. That will be perfect. Also, I love your writing – will be good to see what is going on in Wildstone.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  34. I would love a copy! I have your next three releases pre-ordered on Amazon. I have so many books needing to be read but I always choose you first. Love the wit , humor and splashes of naughty

  35. March 10 is my 65th birthday, so a copy of a book from my favourite author would be the perfect gift.

  36. Me Please!!!! I love all of your books! I can’t wait for the next one to come out. The characters sound like people I would like to be friends with.

  37. Me I love your πŸ“š.I buy all of your πŸ“š and I’ve never won any of your πŸ“š Thanks! Happy Tuesday

  38. I’ve read all of your books & enjoy reading ARC books & reviewing them. I love the inaction of your characters plus each is new & refreshing to read & enjoy! Keep writing & i’ll Keep reading!

  39. Just finished About That KISS and have listened to or read all of your other books so need this new one to help me through our grey, wet Washington weather.

  40. I would love a copy to add to my collection! I would read it with my mom as a distraction while she starts medical treatments soon. Plus, I just love all your books. πŸ™‚

  41. Me, me, me…because it’s one of your books. Love your books and would be tickled pink to read an advanced copy!!!

  42. Snowmageddon is hitting here starting tonight! I need an escape between the pages of your book. We got blasted by the bombogenisis last Friday and we are getting another Nor’easter.

  43. I totally am! I will be heading to Florida in a couple of weeks for a bachelorette party, and I need some books to read for the flights. I love you books, and I am currently making my way through the Lucky Harbor series.

  44. I need to win the giveaway, because I know there’s nothing better to do on a Rainy Day than to make new Friends like the characters in all your stories. Currently reading About That πŸ’‹

  45. Me, please. I first met you through this blog. I was introduced to one of your Wednesday gifts. I realized that you were an author who I would love.

    So, I am new to you and your books And since you want to make a great impression on me, you will want to share a book with me.

    See? Good Idea? I am trying.

  46. Me please!!! I love your books, I’m your #1 fan, and I love how your books make me feel like I’m part of the story. I’m recovering from round two of surgery on my arm where they fused my wrist and need something to lift me from the doldroms and look forward to.

  47. Yes Yes Yes I would love to read a proof cooy of Rainey Day Friends. As you can guess I have been following you for years, I have always loved your books.If I don’t get a proof don’t worry I will still buy the book.

  48. Me! I love your writing and I promise to share this book with my Book Buddy from the Brenda Novak Book Group after I have read it!

  49. Your books offer the “Take Me Away, Calgon” feeling! Love them all. Have read them all. I’m having shoulder surgery and won’t be able to do anything for a while but read! Would love to have this one to read.

  50. I’m interested because you wrote it. I also like the cover and enjoy books about friends.

  51. I would love the chance to read an advanced copy of your latest book… I have read many of your books and enjoyed them all and am slowly going back and reading your earlier works from before I “discovered” you. I like to read ARCs and leave reviews because I like the idea of not only helping an author get the word out about their latest work, but helping other readers find a good book to read.

  52. Me!! hee hee Spending a lot of time reading lately (11 books in the last 2 weeks) and I am running out of reading material! AND your books are great!! πŸ™‚

  53. Would love a copy! I can not wait for this one and The Good Luck Sister to come out. Lost and Found Sisters is my favorite book. Love it I have reread a few times now lol. Love your books!

  54. I do! I do! I really appreciate the stories and lives that you introduce and write and make real in a world that needs happy ever afters. πŸ™‚

  55. My eye doc told me I need to lay off the electronics so much, so I need some new paperbacks – and it’s a foregone conclusion that YOU would be a preferred author! 😍

  56. I love all of your books. I own everlasy one available on Audible and you have amazing narrators. They make your stories come to life in a way reading alone can’t. Now when I read the books the experience is significantly enhanced.

  57. I would love a copy! I’m in bed with a bad cold(probably caught from hubby😠) and I could use a fun distraction.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  58. It would be great to win one. I love reading and your books are top on the list. Thanks for the chance.

  59. I would love to read your book! They always make me smile 😊. I usually listen via audiobooks for when I drive, but hey, actually reading a real book would be a welcome change…lol. Thanks for the opportunity.

  60. I would love this book because I loved Lost and Found Sisters. I cannot wait to read this. I’m on Goodreads so I can write a review before it comes out.i would post a review on Amazon once it releases.

  61. I’d love to win because I’ve not had the chance to read any of your books yet. And I love the cover. Thank you for the chance!

  62. I would love it because a. I love all your books, b. I’m having a crappy week and c. you know I’ll bring you cookies at RT in return!! (Never claimed I was above a bribe!!) πŸ˜‰

  63. I’d love a copy!! Reading About that Kiss right now!! Love all your booksπŸ’•πŸŽ‰

  64. Everyone is saying how much they love your books and bah blah blah. While all that is true I just think your fantastic. And I love your dogs. ❀️ And your cat ❀️ Keep posting pictures of them.

  65. I love your books! And today with More snow coming, this cover looks so fun and summery!

  66. I am about to have foot surgery which will keep me sedentary for a couple of months. Luckily I am a reader and you are one of my favorites! Please consider me for your book giveaway.

  67. I love your books and while I am recuperating from a knee replacement, I cannot think of a better way to heal than by reading your book.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  68. I’ve never read a ARC book before. I love your writing, so it would be a awesome win.

  69. I would love it because I have read everything you have written and more than once. Just finished rereading the Lucky Harbor series.

  70. Me!!! I’ve been in love with you for years.
    Tangling with Ty years πŸ™„
    I’d love to read your arc. I always review.
    Amazon, Goodreads, B&N and Google books

  71. Me. I read the preview chapter and really can’t wait to read this book. Plus my birthday is Saturday. I am going to be old.

  72. Me, me, me please! Just finished About that Kiss and neeeeeed more of your word therapy. Recovering from ankle surgery and going crazy being in slowed down. Thanks for sharing your talent in your books and for this opportunity. 57 and sunny in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Hope you’re out from Snowmagedden.

  73. Love all your books and this would be a wonderful book to get ready for Spring. I used to live close to the beach and the cover looks like our visits .

  74. I love your books, can`t put them down, I am up till 3 or 4 am reading. The title sounds really interesting. I hope I get picked, I can`t tell you how much I would love it

  75. Me me me! *Jumps up and down* *flails arms* Because of the cute doggie on the cover. πŸ˜‰ Or maybe because I love your writing and loved the longer form of Lost and Found Sisters so I’m sure I’ll love this.

  76. ME!!! I enjoy reading your books, A Chance to escape from the reality for a short time. Everyone needs and arm chair escape at times. Have a wonderful day.

  77. ME!!! I always preorder your books and read them. I love your writing style which is very entertaining just like your blog.

  78. Would love one!!! We’ve had snow the last week and I need a fun story to bring on the spring feeling!!!

  79. I like your books, Jill. I would like to receive one from you, perhaps autographed. Thank you.

  80. I would love a copy! What is not to like about a Jill Shalvis book? Well written, well developed stories will humor. I mostly read on my Nook, but would love a hard copy of one of yours.

  81. I’d love a copy! I love all your books and plan a trip to B&N as soon as they come out. You’d save me a trip!

  82. I would love the chance to read this, books and learning to crochet are what have kept me sane since I got ill.

  83. I am interested because you always write the sexiest heroes and that makes every book worth while!

  84. me!!! because i love your books!! your awesome style of writing grabs you at the beginning, draws you in, and surrounds you with romance! your books are so fun to read!

  85. Me!! I’ve read everything you have out. I always buy your books and read them right away. My TBR pile is ginormous and I’m having a hard time deciding what to start next. Your book is an automatic read first! Problem solved!!

  86. I would love and be honored to receive an ARC of this book. I’ve just started reading your work, and loving it. Trying to get my hands on as many as I can! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  87. I would totally love to read and review this book! I am a full-time wife, mom and worker bee for a state agency, but book reviewing and blogging is my passion! I have read most of you books and loved them! (I have a border-line unhealthy obsession with the Wilder brothers, but I digress….) I promise to closely read this book, write an honest, kick-*ss review of it and post that review everywhere!

  88. I would love a copy! I love all you books and there’s a dog on the cover! Yay!!! ❀️🐾🐢

  89. I am interested because I need to escape reality and the best way to do that is to fall into a fictional world of great characters and places. You write some of my favorite books and I always feel like I am right there in the story with your words. Thank you for the chance.

  90. Because you are one of my favorite authors and I need a really good book to read! And I can always count on you for a fun love story!

  91. I would LOVE a copy because I love to read, and I love to read your books! I think I have read them all……thanks for the opportunity……..

  92. Love the cover and know the interior will be even better! Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity Jill.

  93. Of course I would! I own everything you’ve written already! So of course I’ll get my hands on this one no matter if I win it or buy it from B&N (gotta support those bookstores)

  94. Yes please! Because sexy vet/sheriff Mark Capriotti! I need to hold him in my hands! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chance!

  95. I’m interested in an ARC of Rainy Day Friends to help me forget the pain of having a broken femur. I’m still recuperating from surgery that I had to repair the break in my femur and could use a book by you.

  96. Me…..love your books! We don’t have any good bookstores close to my home so I have to order books when the budget allows….living on one income since I lost my job πŸ€— But loving being a stay @ home wife!!

  97. I would love to read an Advance reader copy of rainy day friends. Why because you wrote it! My daughter and I both enjoy your work very much. Good luck everyone!

  98. Oh my. Yes, I need something wonderful to read (escape) into. Missing a best friend who lives 3000 miles away and the weather here in the northwest is just crazy. Not snow crazy like at your house but crazy.
    Isn’t spring here yet?!

  99. Me!!! I have read all of your books and preorder those.l not out yet. Your books make me feel like I am in them and an author that can write a book that sticks with me after I read it or I can’t wait to get back to it IF I can put it down is a go to author for me😁😁😁

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