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  1. Figures, huh? And no, I still don’t have it! I looked at my Wal-Mart again yesterday and either they still don’t have it or they got 2 and I missed them! Ack!

  2. What’s not to like about a Jill Shalvis story? I have read it, and like all the others I have read, loved it!

  3. Love the picture! I can’t believe your local store doesn’t have your books front & Center all the time! It was a fabulous book as usual. And as usual, I know I’m not going to be doing much the day your books get released but read ❤️

  4. I think you gotta find a new nickname for ‘The Boy’! How about ‘Youngest’s Honey’ or ‘Youngest’s Cutie”?

  5. Read, LOVED, and reviewed! I commented on the above photo from your tweet and didn’t know who “the boy” was. Thought AM had grabbed some random guy to help him highlight your book. 🙂 You may not have been with them but hey, they took a pic for you! Great job, guys!

  6. I loved the book too and that was a good suggestion above that they might just have moved that book to the top!!

    Also have to say Youngest’s The Boy is quite the cutie!!

  7. Love the pic ! Gave me a grin & giggle ! Love it that they are so proud of you ! You are one one lucky woman ! 🙂

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