The easy-peasy contest

I love the intensity and innate sexiness of this pic, but also the heart it conveys. Check out his expression… Sigh.

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So while I’m recouping, I’m wondering if you’d indulge me. Which couple from which of my books could this be? There’s no right or wrong answer here, obviously, it’s all subjective and could be any of my books really since we all build the characters in our head as we read. I’ll draw names from those of you who give it a shot. No points deducted for wrong hair color or body type, but you should have at least read the book you’re naming. Or plan on reading… πŸ™‚


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  1. This reminds me of the lake scene with Stone and Emma in the book Instant Gratification. Stone is already so lost in Emma and Emma is finally not fighting her feelings for Stone. This is just before TJ interrupts them.

  2. I think , maybe, Spence and Colbie. The reason is that Colbie just made Spence open the previously closed, vaulted safe that was his heart. I can see this just happening to the notoriously private Spence. They just exploded with one another! Boom, baby, boom!!!!!!!!
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!!

  3. I immediately thought Sawyer and Chloe. I mean, they did have a shower scene so why not a beach one too πŸ™‚

  4. I cannot remember name of book but it was the one where the guy left for military and never contacted his brothers and the lady was living in ex’s boat that was in his slip at the lake.

  5. Oh my gosh, this picture is totally TJ and Harley from Instant Temptation!!!! I always have this image of him holding her lovingly and being so protective of her. Thank you Kill love this image!

  6. I’m not sure who it is in the upcoming Hot Winter Nights but they’ll do…hot is the key word here!

    1. I mean Lily Rose and Logan! I was thinking of Lucas Knight’s name…because I’m excited to read his story.

  7. Elle & Archer…his expression conveys a sense of released repression…a “finally” with a hint of “I don’t want to rush this” to it. With their shared past, this image makes sense.

  8. With those muscles and the look on his face??? Sawyer and Chloe, all the way! And chicken soup hugs to feel better!

  9. It could be all of them. I just finished “About that Kiss” and it was great (as usual). So it could be about Joe and Kylie BUT I truly want to believe it is Archer and Elle. I think he would be looking at Elle like he wants to devour her.

    Thanks for all the great reads, please keep up the great work.

  10. Strong and Sexy!!! Shayne and Dani!!!! THAT is EXACTLY how I always pictured them….I must have read that book a dozen times!! My all time favorite!!!:))

  11. Pru & Finn in Sweet Little Lies….being a boat owner Pru is very much a beach/ocean person & if I drag my eyes away from him, it looks like they are laying at the edge of the ocean 😍

  12. It could really be any of them . But he looks like my vision of Sawyer and his love Chloe. I love them 😍

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