Happy Hump Day…

I’m currently working on SLOW WINTER NIGHTS, which if you’ve read ABOUT THAT KISS, you’ll know Molly and Lucas. Anyway, I went looking for Lucas inspiration pics and you all know I am quite the sharer.

I just didn’t feel right withholding such a thing from you. πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear who your current crush is. I’ll collect them for future hero inspirations!

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  1. Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck or Sam Elliott. I am old enough to think any of them would be fine to look at on a regular basis. If I were a wee bit younger, Daniel Dae Kim. Enough of this, I need to go stand outside in the cold rain.

  2. I do love this man and could look at him all day long!!! I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan too. He is one sexy “mean” man in the Walking Dead

  3. I have a decent amount of celebrity crushes. Idris Elba is probably up there. I can’t say I’d kick any of the Chrises out of bed either. other than the fact that they share a name with my son which is a little icky for me.

  4. Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, The Resident) is cute and sweet. And let’s not forget all the Chrises. 🌼

  5. My movie star crush is two stars. Nicholas Cage and Johnny Depp. I love the National Treasure and Pirates of the Carribbean movies.

  6. My current crush is Thomas Beaudoin – thanks to you Miss Jill and The Trouble with Mistletoe movie. The shower shot of his rear…and those eyes! Mighty fine!

  7. My current crush as bern my forever crush… Sam Elliot! He is one FINE man and only get better with age. That voice!

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