Shalvis Fun Facts

5 Fun Facts about ABOUT THAT KISS:

1. My heroine Kylie is a woodworker (no dirty pun intended ☺) and I had so much fun writing a woman in the trades who worked with her hands (again, no dirty pun intended, although she IS really great with her hands…

2. Vinnie, the rescue mutt in this story is modeled after Oldest’s daughter favorite foster pup. I loved this pup so much I almost adopted him. But in the end, someone more suited got him and I wrote his story instead. ☺

3. So because I couldn’t get sexy badass Joe Malone out of my mind after finishing this book, I wrote the next book in his series with his sister Molly as the heroine, just so I could write more Joe. ☺ (See Slow Winter Nights 9/18)

4. During the writing of this book, I ate five boxes of Lemon Oreos. Five…. I now need a gym pass.

5. I fell so in love with secondary characters Lucas and Molly, they’re story is next. SLOW WINTER NIGHTS comes out this September. ☺

About That Kiss

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  1. I am so glad that Lucas and Molly are next!!!!!! I had my fingers crossed. In my review, I said I hoped they would be next!!!!!!! xoxox

  2. I love the Heartbreaker Bay series but I love all your series. My daughter lived in the city and the general San Francisco area. I fell in love with the area every time I visited so I especially love these books. I am saving About that Kiss until I can read it without interruptions.

  3. I loved and devoured About That Kiss. Can’t wait for the summer release. Also fell in love with Molly & Lucas. I feel like I spend all my time waiting for your books to come out. It is always worth it!

  4. The oreos were brain food so don’t worry about the gym pass. Love your books and finding out where your ideas come from.

  5. I knew when Lucas was watching Molly’s back side as she walked away, right in front of Joe and Archer no less, that this would be a good match! Looking forward to it!

  6. Love every one of your books .Have never had lemon Oreos but I have to admit I killed a box of girl scout tagalongs the other night.

  7. had a friend – her boyfriend’s last name was Woodcock. no lie, no joke. she made him legally change it before she would marry him.

  8. Sorry about all the Oreo’s but if they help get MORE stories like this one, I say: Buy more!!!! LOVED Kylie and Joe – separately and together.

  9. I have loved this series and look forward to the new book!
    Of course I love all of your books and look forward to each one.

  10. I really enjoyed Joe in About That Kiss – loved how he admitted early on how ‘That Kiss Rocked His World’. Loved Molly – she was really funny so I am really looking forward to her story too.

    Of course I’m signed up to receive your newsletter.

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