First things first, ABOUT THAT KISS hit both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists last week and I couldn’t have done that without you! To celebrate and thank you, I’ve giving away the books in the Heartbreaker Bay series. Remember, these books can be read as standalones if you’re not into series, no worries!

So my question is this, do you have a favorite Heartbreaker Bay hero, and why? That’s it. Answer and you’re entered. 🙂

About That Kiss
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  1. Without a doubt, my favorite is Joe. He is a sexy alpha male who is very protective of Kylie and his family.

  2. Keane for sure! I just found his tough exterior and then soft squishy interior (yes, slight pun on houses with the exterior and interior…) was such a great combo, and his chemistry with Willa was great!
    Though Spence holds a special place in my heart, too 😀 And Max!! 😀

  3. I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I have read the entire Lucky Harbor series and loved it! gaylen

  4. The total Alpha Archer is my favorite because he’s the last one I just read. I can’t help but fall for all your heroes!

  5. I love all the books and it’s really had to pick a favorite guy but I will have to choose Spencer Baldwin. I sometimes want to pull a Colbie Albright and just run away for awhile and it would be nice to someone as caring as Spencer is at the end of the journey.

  6. I’m torn between Archer and Finn, but I think I’d lean towards Archer b/c of his extra dose of badassery 🙂

  7. Congrats Jill on the fantastic news! *throws confetti* It’s tough to pick a favorite but I have a total crush on Keane. How can I not love the guy for taking in Pita when he didn’t really want to? And he’s so protective of Willa, total swoon-worthy hero!

  8. I loved Archer. I do love the silent Alpha heros that succumb to their love of the heroine. And Archer was a prime example.

  9. Much as I do love Joe (I just finished About That Kiss), Archer is still my favorite so far in this series. I love the way he and Elle react to and interact with each other and when they finally start really talking, well, that is just magic.

  10. I can’t pick just one they are all my favorites!! Just love all your books thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

  11. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sean… so Holiday Wishes is my fav-so-far! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I’m a first time reader, was told your books are the best, so I’m excited to read one of yours.

  13. I love this series! Even though it’s hard to choose, Archer is probably my favorite. 🙂 I’m currently reading About That Kiss, which is highly enjoyable, too.

  14. I can’t pick just one hero I like the best from your Heartbreaker Bay series. All the males are my heroes in this series. If I must pick one hero, I will pick Finn from Sweet Little Lies. He lets Pru doctor him when she accidentally stabs him after throwing a dart at the dart board.

  15. Spence…… or iis it Archer….. oh dang I can’t pick. They’re all so good in different ways.

  16. Although I loved all the leading men, I would have to say my favorite is Spence. He is a little on the geeky, computer nerd side. Yet, I see him as a bit shy because he is super loaded yet he is low key about it and doesn’t want everyone to know that he owns the building. He is also a protector of his friends and family, especially in the way that he takes care of Eddie.

  17. Archer. He always wanted the best for Elle, whether that meant she was with someone else and he looked out for her in the background or when he could no longer deny his feelings and decided to embrace their love. It reminds me of a very special person in my life who unfortunately passed away in 2016.

  18. I have to say that is a really hard question…it seems that when I finish one of your books, that is my fav hero…so…it would have to be Joe. Can’t wait for the next one, would love to win!

  19. Hi I’ve not read any of your books yet but got Cedar Ridge ones to start next. But by what I’ve heard from my friends I’m sure I will have more than one favourite. Really looking forward to starting them next, I love the sound of them so thank you for having so many to choose from. x

  20. So far Spencer has been my favorite. I love the fact that he is brainy, sexy and honorable (trying to take care of his Dad. ).

  21. Spence. But…Archer. Of course, Joe! Well, then, Finn… And Keane! Sigh. Guess I don’t have a CLEAR favorite! (Please don’t tell Sawyer…)

  22. Just want to say hat I love every one of them.

    But, if you pull my name, please pull another one. I’ve already read them all. Thanks.

  23. I really liked Archer. Drives men crazy to see their girl go out with other men. Love the reactions

  24. Really difficult to choose but I always go back to Finn. A great friend and brother, and devoted to quirky Pru.

  25. I love the one that I’m reading at the time, and I haven’t read them all. But Spence , so geeky but romantic! Mmmmm!

  26. IF I have to pick just one, I would have to say Spencer. Or maybe Archer. Or Keane? Joe too!

  27. That’s not a fair question! That like asking what my favorite chocolate is or cake or cookie! You see where I am going with this? I like them all! They are all yummy in their own way just like your hero’s are. It just according to who/what you are in the mood for. Congrat on the success of the book!

  28. I really liked Finn and Pru’s story. She wishes for him to find true love and then can’t believe it’s her. And the scene when she nailed him with the dart – classic! I love all the books in this series, but you made me pick one. 🌼

  29. Keane from The Trouble With Mistletoe – because I have lived with a cat from Hell and he has my sympathy.

  30. Keane Winters! I enjoyed reading his transformation from big, badass, tough guy to loving cat owner. I think Willa brought out a better version of Keane- and that makes for a damn good love story. Also…Pita. Loved how Pita whipped him into shape!

  31. It’s so hard to pick just one!! It’s the one that I’m reading at that moment until I pick up your next new book and than that guy becomes my favorite!! I Love all of them they are all such strong males that will do anything for the women they love and care for!! If I have to pick one though I have to go with Finn or Archer!! I must say after seeing all the books listed there are a few I must have missed!! I can’t wait to see if I can find them and read all of them!! Thank You for this chance to win!!

  32. It’s a toss up between Keane and Archer. Archer because he would make me feel secure and confident; Keane because of his confidence and understanding.

  33. My favorite is Joe who bought the penguin and ended up with 2 penguins. He showed Kylie how they fit together like the 2 of them. Best ending yet!

  34. Currently would have to be Finn, he is so caring and aware of Pru’s feelings, but still have a couple of your books to read, so so cant say if this will change once I read those.

  35. I’m fickle….my favorite is whichever one I am reading about! They are all hot, loving caring guys who would take on anyone & anything to protect their woman & those that they love!! And that makes this series one of my favorites!!!

  36. It is hard to pick just one as they are all big hero’s. I will say Joe as I really thought how awesome he was for finding the 2nd Penguin in case he couldn’t save Kylie’s original one & how they fit together as a pair.

  37. I love all of them! I wouldn’t want to pick only one! They each have something or more than one something special that sets them apart.

  38. I’m torn between Archer and Joe. Archer cuz he’s so badass and Joe because of the way he’s always cared for his family.

  39. Archer and Elle I loved this one but the I loved them all!!!!! It was really hard to pick, almost cruel even.

  40. Finn, and Pru. Because Sweet Little Lies was the book that introduced me in the Jill Shalvis’ world. So I’ll always remember them with love❤

  41. I liked Joe the most from ‘About That Kiss’. Because I matched with the character of Joe to my real life. The thoughts going on in mind of Joe after the kiss… ditto.

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