Oh Frat Boy

We rescued Frat Boy eight years this week. Hard to believe. In celebration, I’m reprinting the story of how we adopted him. Leave me a comment (would love to hear about your pet) and I’ll draw a few names for your choice of a book from my backlist!

So we left the mountain …

And drove.

And drove …

We were headed to a woman who lives out in the middle of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, and she rescues animals.

Any animal in need is welcome.

Even really funny looking ones.

To be honest, we went because we’d heard through the grapevine that she’d rescued two yellow lab puppies. And she had. She’d rescued two puppies out of a horrible situation.

But the golden wasn’t who stole our hearts. Nope, it was her little baby brother. The runt of the litter.

He was filthy and living in a hovel. And the minute he saw us, he came alive. Wriggling, happy, loving. All you had to do was touch him and he writhed in joy and dropped to the floor for a belly rub.

And once he was picked up by the teenagers and loved up by them, he didn’t want to get down.

So we never put him down again. Meet Frat Boy…

About That Kiss

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  1. our dog adopted us 2 years ago. we were “just looking” at our local farm supply store that was hosting a pet adoption day, and my boyfriend spotted a beagle mix dog. he asked if we could walk him, so we took him outside with one of the caretakers. i asked the dog whose dog he would be if we took him home and he placed his paws on my boyfriend’s legs. so Jackson came home wih us that day. he is silly, loving and he makes me smile.

  2. That pup knew when he’d landed in clover! He’s a lucky, lucky boy. I rescued my Makensie when she was 5 years old, out of what turned out to be a pretty dicey situation. I say “rescued,” as in I paid $200 for the privilege of owning her, but later found out the people I “bought” her from never owned her. They were never brought to justice. I consider us lucky to have each other! 😍

  3. He chose you all-I love it. The photos were wonderful.

    Ten years ago we adopted a lab mix pup from a friend and she has been an awesome addition to our family. She is very protective of my husband and I and our two granddaughters.

    She is very spoiled and we love her!

  4. We have a second golden retriever, Bailey, who we “rescued” from a house she didn’t belong in. The family had a five year old autistic son and thought getting a dog would help since the son had bonded so well with neighborhood dogs. Wellll… this little miss (now 2 1/2) is quite the spitfire and has given our older golden a run for the money. He’s managed to lose 15 pounds in the last year on the “Bailey” diet. 😀

  5. Oh, Frat Boy was so cute!! Such a fun story and similar to my first dog story. My mom went for one dog but another one came over and sat on her lap so I ended up with Todo.

  6. What a great story! We have a rescue, Buster. He came to us two years ago at 8 years old. My sister works with a rescue group who found him with an older owner who wasn’t able to care for him properly. He is a mix of jack Russell and beagle. He’s a bit neurotic about sounds and doesn’t really like our grandkids running around the house when they visit. He usually finds a quiet place to get away, our bedroom or closet mostly. He is such a cute boy and really is a lover and everyone loves him. He is definitely a member of the family! 💕🐾

  7. Aww, I remember reading this when you guys first gave Frat Boy his forever home. Hard to believe it’s been so long, he was such a little guy back then! LOL I don’t have any pets but always enjoy the antics of Frat Boy and the rest of your bunch!

  8. Awww! That’s so sweet. We lost our precious rescue dog, Triskit, but when we rescued her, we had just lost our previous rescue dog (Pepper) in January at age 16. My daughter, then 9 years old, had been bugging me to rescue another dog, but every time I even thought of going into a shelter, I would break down in tears. However, by June, she wore me down and I promised her that we would go to the pound that Friday. I gave her a long speech about how we were NOT going to take the first dog we saw but were going to be sure we were ready and that the dog was a good match for the family. When we got there we told the person that we probably wanted a terrier (our other dog had been a poodle-schnauzer mix, and we loved the terrier personality) and a young dog would be best because we didn’t want to risk losing another one as soon as we fell in love with it.

    Well, we walked into the back and looked at a couple of dogs (including one adult Doberman who was so friendly and nearly broke my heart). Then we saw Triskit, though they had named her Toto because she resembled Toto from the Wizard of Oz. She was tiny: 12 weeks old approximately and 3.5 lbs.. She had huge triangular ears with fringe and was fuzzy and adorable. The minute she put her feet up on the fence and wagged her little tail, she had me. We called my hubby and asked if he could get off work to come see her. He wisely said, “Why? If you already love her, I’m sure I will, too, and if I didn’t I’d only be the bad guy.” As it happened, the pound took only cash, which I rarely carried. But guess how much cash I had in my wallet left over from money my mother had given me in January for my birthday? Yes, EXACTLY the amount of the adoption fee. It was fate, kismet, destiny, meant to be. Triskit, so named because her large triangular ears reminded us of the newly released Triscuit Thins and also because we had a food theme going in naming our pets with our cat at the time named Waffles. Triskit was the most perfect fit for our family that you could imagine, and without my daughter living with us now to push us to get another dog, I still can’t bring myself to do it almost three years after Triskit passed away at 16 years old. Don’t worry, though. We are currently housing one of our daughter’s dogs that found out she could jump our daughter’s fence (but not our taller one), as well as one cat we took in at 2 weeks old 8 years ago and 3 others that we got when our daughter found one of them and asked us to get her paw, which had been pierced by something, fixed. We did and found out at the same time that she was pregnant — of course. So, for awhile, in addition to our then two cats (one passed away a few years ago), we had the momma cat and 4 kittens. Fortunately, we’re now down to the momma and two of her kittens, but, along with our own cat, we’re pretty loaded up with rescued pets.

  9. Six years ago today, we brought home Spencer, a 9 week old Keeshond puppy. There is nothing cuter than a baby Ewok joining the family. Yeah, they are that cute.

  10. Before Sam, our rescue, we had let our previous dog cross over the rainbow bridge. I just happened to be looking at a animal rescue site, and saw Sam’s picture and bio. Sam was found wondering a long the side of the road, someone found him, picked him up, and took him to the shelter. We called the shelter to make sure he was not adopted. One our way to pick him up, we get a flat tire, in between raindrops, my husband fixed the tire and back on the road, we go. Fours years later, Sam -I- Am is a very loved, content, happy Shiba.

  11. We rescued our baby boy 14.5 years ago; he is now 15 or so years old. When we lost our previous dog we knew we wanted to get a rescue but we needed a small dog. Every adoption event we went to all of the small dogs were taken very quickly.

    A rescue organization finally helped us find Buttons. He’s a toy poodle and the first time I met him he wanted me to hold him. I knew then that he would be going home with me.

    We’ve been through a lot together. He has seizures and had an MRI before I ever had one; that was over 12 years ago. A year or so ago he was diagnosed with kidney failure and we thought we would lose him soon.

    We have a fantastic vet who consulted a specialist and Buttons is now doing great. He has medication he takes twice a day and twice a week we have to give him saline subcutaneously. He is a real trooper and doesn’t mind it too much.

    No one who interacts with him believes that he’s 15 (because he is light tan his muzzle doesn’t show any gray). Unless he is having a bad day he likes to play and take long walks. He also loves to snuggle. We know he won’t be with us forever but we are so grateful for the time we have had with him.

  12. The friend I live with rescued a cat who was abused terribly by his previous owner. The owner would take a cigarette and use it on the cat. He is an all black cat she named Merlin. He is so loving because we were and are very patient with him. The other cat she rescued came from her granddaughter who’s ex husband abused him terribly. He is also very loving to us.

  13. I love this story! I love when animals pick their people. My cats have “rescued” me. One, a kitten abandoned by it’s mom. The litter lived on the roof of my school. Another, a feral that decided he was my indoor cat. He has been the only one of my cats who was a lap snuggler. The next ones were bottle fed by me and my students. Something happened to their mom (she had put them in our garage).
    God bless all those who do all of the dirty work of the actual rescues! I don’t know how they do it!!!!!!!

  14. Almost 11 years ago we took our daughter to the humane society to pick from liter of puppies that had been dropped off. A mix of black lab and basset/beagle. She picked out the one who huddled in the corner and rolled over when you got close, she also had kennel cough. That’s how we got Daisy (I know not very original name). She is a very sweet looks like a yellow lab with short legs.

  15. I firmly believe that many times, we don’t pick our pets…they pick us! We adopted 2 kittens over 10 years ago…Phoebe and her brother Piper…and they have added immeasurable joy to our lives. We’d love a dog but I’m not willing to do that to my babies…so I’ll live through funny dog stories and loving my furry nieces and nephews 😊

  16. I rescued my cat 15 yrs ago in my driveway when she crawled out from under my house and could barely walk let alone run from me. I scooped her up, cleaned her up and fed her. She almost didn’t make it through the night. But I kept her under the covers with me and fed her every 2 hours. She survived. She out lived her ‘brothers’, and is still going strong.

  17. That was a nice story. Though I think you should have taken the sister also. But that is another thought.

    I have 2 dogs, both rescues in their way. My oldest is 10 and a Shepherd mix. Female Roxy and a friend of my nephew had her but got hurt on the job and could not take care of her and had her in a boarding place. I had just lost my own Roxy and vowed to hold off getting another dog for a while. That was only 1 month before my nephew called. We went to look at her and I went back with a different son and brought her home. Great watchdog, just not friendly with other people and other animals. NOW my 2nd is a boy 2 1/2 named Otis. He is a rescue that my niece had. He is a pit mix big boy, 111 pounds. She lives in a small house and had him caged all day while working and since her son was little (2 at the time)she kept him in her kitchen when they were home. Broke my heart so when I moved into a larger home I told her if she ever had to get rid of him because he deserved a place to run around and she could not find anyone else I would take him. So he and I live basically on my first floor and my one son and Roxy live in the rest of the house. We have to keep them apart because Roxy wants to attack Otis. Now he is willing to fight back. Three ring circus to put one dog out to go and then switch the other into a different to when the one comes in the the other goes out. My first male dog and he is a sweetie. Thinks everyone that comes to house is to play with him. Just does not realize he is a big boy.

  18. Happy Adoption Day Frat Boy!

    We have a 12 year old Golden Retriever and 8 year old feline siblings. We discovered the cats in our hay barn after their mom abondened them when they were only a day old. Our bottle babies are very cuddly and may not know they are cats

  19. Your family is obviously caring. This is a great story & Frat boy is very fortunate that you adopted him. Happy 8 year anniversary.

    Most everyone I know that has pets have adopted rescues. In fact a good friend of mine recently adopted one of the Korean “meat market” dogs. Daisy is a very active Jack Russell terrier that kept me busy when I took care of her! Daisy now has a wonderful, loving home.

  20. Love this story
    We have rescued 3 pups so far
    Cinnamon is 6, she is a Chihuahua
    Bear is 2, she is an Italian Greyhound
    Buttons is 1, we believe she is Irish Terrier
    We also have 3 cats, all siblings, they will be 13 this year. I love animals, I can’t stand to see them hurt and suffering.

  21. We rescued our furry border collie/terrier mutt mix when he was 6mths old. Three sisters banded together and saved pups like him from kill shelters when no one else would. The day we met him, he pee’d on my husband’s foot and I knew he was just marking his spot with us. He turned 14 this month and may not see or hear as well anymore, but he still meets me at the door and walks me to the treat jar.

  22. Over the years we have had several kitty “rescues”, sort of. We had a gray and white stray show up on our doorstop one Halloween , we named him Magic. Another Halloween we had a black wander into the house with trick or treaters, we named her Sabbath – Sabby. A friend brought us a femaie tabby who was so ugly she knew no one would ever choose her but she was sure we would take her. Needless to say she stayed. Our sons named her Mog after a kitty in a storybook they had.

  23. I LOVE reading about Frat Boy! He is always such a happy camper. And he found a wonderful home with his humans and fur friends. We’ve had six cats over the years — the first two were part of a friend’s cat’s litter and the other four were rescues. So yeah. It’s always great to give a pet a great home. Frat Boy is lucky, as are all the “strays” you collect!

  24. We rescued our black lab named Daisy. She was abused before us and it took a long time for her to trust anyone but me. She still is very uneasy around men but is AMAZING with kids! We love her to pieces!

  25. I have been “Mom” to 6 Doberman Pinschers. The last one, a red Dobie named Thor (or Thorton Aloysius when in trouble) was a rescue. He liked to make other dogs look stupid, loved to prank people, was a huge cuddle bug and when the notion took him, went walk about until he was ready to come home. Fortunately, most of my close neighbors knew him and loved him too. I was told NOT to tell anyone outside the neighborhood how loving he was as he considered the neighbors part of his family. RIP Thor. He was nearly 13 when cancer took him.

  26. I had just lose my 14 1/2 yr old GSD I was so upset I told myself I wouldn’t get another dog. But this beautiful 6 week old puppy was in the paper. She was rescused from a box in front of a grocery store. She is my heart now and is 5 yrs old. I can’t think of life without her. I must say I love Frat Boy and Dumbass both are great.

  27. Six years ago we lost our beloved 11-1/2 yo wire fox terrier and we heart broken. I was depressed and in need of another pup. We went to visit a lady who had puppies to put a deposit down on one but instead noticed a 15-week old little guy who hadn’t been adopted yet. I picked him up and he snuggled into my neck. Let’s just say he didn’t go back into the kennel. So here we were, totally unexpectedly and unprepared to bring home this little 3 pound pup. Six years later he still loves to snuggles and is a bit bigger. Pups sure bring joy to our lives.

  28. I remember this story when you first got him. Still melts my heart. My black lab Mia is turning 1 in a couple of weeks. Such a joy! 🙂

  29. My little black cat, who turns 13 in May, was found beside his dead mother. My son and DIL fostered him, and 3 other kittens, with eyedropper feedings in the middle of the night…always with the idea they would all go to good homes when they were old enough. On the day that he was supposed to leave, Phantom Menace decided to jump off the dresser to the floor. Something went wrong, he missed and broke his tiny, 8 week old leg! Needless to say, he did not make it to the adoption day, and he has been part of the family ever since!!

  30. You all belonged together. Love finds a way always! He is one lucky dog to land with a family that recognized that! ❤️

  31. Our fur baby is a cat named Cheetah. She showed up at our house over 10 years ago and adopted us. We couldn’t find her owner so we think someone just dumped her. She is in very spoiled indoor/outdoor cat.

  32. Every animal we have ever had has been a rescue, usually they find us though. We have so far had one dog, 8 cats and 6 fish. I’m sure that will grow as the years go by. Can’t seem to let any of them stay outside especially when it gets close to winter. Love them all with their own personalities and quirks.

  33. We’ve had our Jasper kitty for 17 years. He was at an acquaintance of a friends house that just had a litter (we weren’t aware he wasn’t a part of that litter). Come to find out he was a leave behind from an entirely different cat family, possibly strays, we’re not sure. And he just joined up with the family of kitties. He was the last kitty there and had the most beautiful green eyes! The first night at home he ate the blue puffy ball off his springy toy and then tried to eat a plastic bag. 17 years later he’s still underfoot and can’t decide if he’s a grumpy old man or a toddler causing trouble.

  34. I have rescued 3 dogs from friends who couldn’t get rid of them (last from the litter) and were going to take them to the pound. Lizzie (pug/Shizu mik) would have been 16 this April she pasted away last month. Miss her so much I had had her since she was 6wks old. Rascal is a pug & Lizzies half brother he will be 12 next month. Luna is Pom/chihuahua mix so yes very small she will be 4 in June. She is my little shadow & bed hog LOL!! I also have a Calico cat that will be 4 in May I rescued her from Angles of Assisi her name is Serena she was actually sick when I got her but didn’t realize it till next day but nursed her back to perfect health & she is a beautiful sweet girl now!!

  35. So glad Frat Boy has found his forever family. I love reading your stories, especially the mischief he gets into! Thanks for the laughs!

  36. That’s such a wonderful story. Brings me to tears every time. We have rescued all our dogs except for the first one, a miniature schnauzer I got from a pet store (apparently puppy mill) but who knew at the time. He had some problems but he lived a good life until he was 14. In fact, his name was our baby’s first word. My son used to always say ning, ning, ning, and one day I realized he was trying to say Wellington.

  37. Such a heart-warming story, I got a little choked up reading it. “About That Kiss” is the PERFECT caption for those last photos, too!

    My last two dogs were local rescues, and my current two dogs are rescues from the Bahamas. The Bahamas has a large stray dog population, generations of strays have created a “breed” of sorts, called a Potcake on the Bahama islands. Several rescue groups work to find these strays forever-homes, in the Bahamas as well as in the USA and Canada. My first was born under a car in a junk yard, flown in (as carry-on, with a very nice man who brought her to me) from Eleuthera to Nassau to Philadelphia to me. Poor thing was a scared teeny tiny baby then. My second flew from Nassau to Florida to a NJ shelter to my parents, who drove her up to me as my early birthday present that year.

    You can Google “Potcake Place” or “Royal Bahamian Potcakes” to see what Potcakes look like. They are great dogs, and great people work to rescue them and find them homes.

    All dogs are the best dogs!

  38. Our Bailey, a black Lab/German Shepard mix, was on Facebook the couple was taking her to the pound that evening if no one took her. She has been with us for 5 years now. She loves snow as much as Frat Boy.

  39. I lost my dog to brain cancer, he was 4 yrs. old I was heart broken. I looked to adopt a dog and then thought why not a cat too. I seen a dog on one site and fell in love, I seen a cat too, I went to visit the cat, who was found outside for awhile and some one called the spca when she was on their deck sick. I got her a week later when the vet released her. That day the lady kept saying you would love Bernard, would you like to go visit him, finally I said ok. So we went to visit him, I said come here Bernard and he come over and jumped in my lap, put his paws on each side of my shoulders and his head next to me and hugged me, well you know he came home with me and lays on my lap as soon as I sit down. He gets upset when I go out as his master passed away. He is a little better now days. Then I went to visit the dog, he was a rescue of 116 dogs. I fell in love with him, but he loves my son much better. I thought him having another dog would help him as they said he is better with another dog. Well that dog loves my son better than me too, unless I am eating. Well they bonded and bath each other like cats. Sleep next to each other and if the one goes to the groomer or vet without the other, the other cries while he is gone. Now I have no dog to call my own unless I have food. The lady who I got the last dog from called me they had a 12 yr. old dog who needed to be rescued. Well he was shaved as he had fleas, he cries when I do out. He is by my side all the time. He is sleeping next to me now. He is 14 yrs. old now and such a love. When I get up in the morning after I brush my teeth, I have to brush the 2 cats and the dog who loves me. First I have to brush Bernard or he gets upset with me, then Angie the other cat, then the dog, you will see a big paw come up where he wants to be brushed in another spot. They are so funny, I just wish they would let me have my coffee first, but I guess that is my reward. As you can see the house is run by the pets.

  40. Most of the dogs in my life have found me (i.e. been dumped near my home). The current one (Duke) was actually at the neighbor’s house for a while but then he started coming to hang out with my other dog (Shiloh) and decided to stay. I took him to the vet for an injured ear (when the neighbor declined to do so) and eventually got his shots etc…. He is beautiful and very well behaved and I believe he must have been house broken at some point because when I leave him inside all day there are never any messes. My adult son likes him and the grandkids all love him. He is simply sweet. He is apparently part blue heeler. Shiloh had been dropped off by an elderly lady’s home and she (the dog) was too rambunctious for the lady so I agreed to take her. She was a black German Shepherd and she was also a very good dog. My rescues go back many years including when I was a child.

  41. We got our pug about 9 years ago July 1 , she has been the best dog ever , we all love her like a child and sibling

  42. I wish I could share a rescue story, but unfortunately I’m horribly allergic to dogs and cats, so all I can do is sigh in envy whenever I read these stories.

  43. I had lived with 2 rescued Boxer sisters for about 12 years. Both of them had the cancer gene. They each had several surgeries and Molly lost a front leg as well as having major surgery on her face. About a year ago, I lost Molly and a few months later Lola also died of a final huge bout with her cancer.

    I did not want another dog. My adult kids told me I needed another dog. In our family, no one lives without dogs.

    If I got a dog, it would be female, medium sized rather than large and short haired.

    Last March , on our neighborhood web site, there was a picture of a small white Pekingese dog who had been abandoned by a man working in the neighborhood. Two weeks later, another picture of the same dog. He had been retrieved by his owner and then abandoned once again by the same owner.

    He had been thrown out of a truck, and caught in a fence for about 24 hours. When someone finally found him, another woman took him in and now she was trying to find his owner.

    After I read about this creature who had abandoned the same tiny dog a second time, I had to speak up. I said I would take him if the man wanted to give him away.

    He has been with me for about 8 months now. His name is Sonny, It is taking some time to help him find confidence and trust. He and I love one another, but he hates riding in cars and is not trusting of men.

    But, he now allows people to touch him other than me. He asks to be petted and held for a few minutes, He is walking with his tail over his back rather than dragging it behind him.

    He is sweet and gentle and kind and I was so blessed when he found me.

  44. The neighbor gave me one of the litter as a birthday present when I was about 10. When she was finally old enough to leave mom I went to bring her home. I found her under the slide … chewing on a chicken head. She immediately got a bath when I got her home.

  45. I love stories of Frat Boy & I love this rescue story! I think dogs pick their people. Our current pup, Murphy, is a rescue. He was in a large kennel with his 8 brothers but something about his sweet eyes just spoke to us. On March 18th he’ll have been with us a year. He’s part Beagle, part Border Collie, & quite possibly part Tasmanian Devil, but we adore him!

  46. My girl was rescued from a shelter so I don’t know about her previous life. She was a senior when I got her and the sweetest, most loving, laid back dog you could ever imagine having. She was right at home with me from day one so her past was probably not a difficult one. As a senior rescued dog she wanted tummy rubs from me immediately! I lost her this past August and miss her tremendously. I have not yet found my new rescue baby.

  47. We have Willie, an English/American bull dog mix. He rules the house and is the love of our lives, not to mention hysterical.

  48. Thank you for rescuing rather than buying from a store or a backyard breeder. In my neighborhood, lots of people seem to favor designer dogs; they then moan about their health issues, where rescued, mixed breeds don’t have that problem. (You can’t fix stupid, apparently.)

    We’ve rescued eight cats and one dog in our lives together; all brought so much unconditional love to us. We know we were rescued, not them.

  49. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! I was so moved by your story. I enjoyed your photos also.

  50. I have 2 super sweet and crazy wheaten terriers named Deeks and Lucy. Life is always an adventure with them around. Last month I lost my adorable 17 year old rescue cat. She was a special girl who looked like a kitten her who life and was loved by everyone. Pets are the best!!

  51. My husband and I were out on our motorcycle one day and we had to stop quickly for something and so we pulled into the first place we saw and it was a pet store, We rescued our black cat 12 years ago from this horrible pet store. he was in the tiniest of cages and he’s been there for about two months so we brought him home in a motorcycle helmet! They didn’t even have a box or anything for him he was so tiny he fit right in the helmet and I held him while my hubby drove us very slowly and carefully home he’s been the love of our lives ever sonce!! He’s the absolute best cat we’ve ever had! I think he knows that we rescued him😻

  52. Aww. That’s so sweet. We have a rescue also named Baby Bert. She was only supposed to be 45 pounds according to the rescue society but is instead 80 pounds. She’s a lab, retriever and hound mix.

  53. All of my fur babies are rescues. Idiots drop cats off out in the boondocks where I live…People are cruel!…..one cat leads to another, leads to another….just like chips, chocolate or cookies! One of cats was named Cookie & when the bear broke into our home….Cookie mysteriously disappeared! We don’t like to think about the ending to that story!!

  54. Today is the 7th anniversary of our adopting our Milo…

    A week prior, we’d visited my mom for her birthday and needed more dog food for our dog. The local PetSmart was holding an adoption weekend–I refused to go near the dogs (I’d take them all home), but my husband wanders over. When I meet him outside later, he had a sad expression that I’d never seen before. I asked him about it and he told me about the most precious scruffy black dog he’d ever seen and how it had rubbed its face against his beard. I adamantly said no. We have a dog; the new semester is starting and we don’t have the right amount of time to devote to a new baby. He reluctantly agreed but pouted all night. I felt so guilty–my husband never asks for anything–that I relented in the morning. My mom called the local Humane Society and ran interference for us that week. And by the following Saturday, we drove back down and adopted the scruffy bugger.

    It was the best mind-change decision I’ve ever made.

  55. We adopted Daphne in March of 2016. First adoption from a rescue group. She is the best and most ornery of any of the dogs we’ve ever had. And I wouldn’t trade her for the world! I’ll always go back to rescue for adoption.

  56. Frat Boy brought me to Jill Shalvis, her wonderful family, and her exceptional writing. Happy Eighth “Getting Day”!

  57. I too have a rescue fur-baby. Her name is Lily. She is a purebred Australian shepherd who was given up twice by the age of five for been “too” needy! She suffer from axienty from being left in a crate for very long period of time. In 2012 she came to me and she found her forever home and I have the light of my life. She brings so much more to me then I ever could to her. I can’t image my life without her. Congratulations to Frat boy on finding his forever home with your family.

    1. I’m pretty sure his real name is Jake. But I think Jill calls him Frat Boy ‘cuz he’s always ready to party!!!

  58. We decided on our Boomer when he grabbed my daughter’s flip flop and ran around the house while we chased him. We could have sworn that he was smiling at us as the chase continued! We’ve had Boomer for eleven years and pray for many more years to come!

  59. Aww what a sweet and wonderful story!! I got my beautiful BUDDY this way. A friend of mine got him for his dysfunctional girlfriend who then took off in search of drugs and left an 8 week old puppy. I lived close to my apt and could walk home at lunch to feed him and take him out so off and on for 3 months I took care of him….. and fell in love. The next time I took him, I told my friend I wasn’t giving him back… and I didn’t. In my heart I feel I rescued buddy:)) he’s a chocolate Labrador

  60. I lived in an apartment so I had a small dog. She is a corgi/ Pomeranian mix. After I bought s house with a large yard I thought I needed a big dog for protection. I went to a shelter day at a pet smart to look for one. I came home with Lucy. A chi/beagle mix.! Oh well.

  61. I haven’t had a pet for a long time. I had a toy poodle who didn’t know he was a dog.

    Right now I have my hubby. My plan is if I outlive him to get a toy poodle in his place.

  62. That’s so sweet. Both my cats are rescues – one from the Humane Society & one from my husband’s co-worker who had just moved in with someone who was allergic to cats. They are now 15 & 18 years old respectively and I’d be lost without them. Frat Boy definitely lucked out with your family, it’s obvious it was more than love at first sight for all of you – the heart always knows.

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