Shalvis Conversations…

I might have mentioned, I’m in deadline hell. I’m far too braindead to be witty, so here are a few conversations that have gone on in the Shalvis abode:

1. Between me and the very distracted Youngest, who happened to be on the computer.

Could look up how to spell reservoir for me, please?

Sure. Um . . . how do you spell it?

Yeah, see, if I knew, I wouldn’t have asked.

2. And then when Alpha Man was hammering and sawing and making a crap load of noise, and me STILL two weeks from a deadline.

Me to Middle:
Can you get me ear plugs?

Sure. How many?

Uh, one for each ear?

3. And after being dragged to the grocery store with Alpha Man, with a bazillion skiers and snowboarders, all standing in the fast food aisles saying “dude” a lot. A twenty-ish year old boarder stopped short in front of Alpha Man, who crashed into him. The boarder’s ski pants, already sagging nearly to his knees, fell to the top of his boots.

Boarder: Dude. Sorry.
Alpha Man: Dude. No problem. But why even bother wearing pants?
Boarder: They don’t let you in the store without ‘em.

4. In the car on the way home from the store, with Bruno Mars wailing about Uptown Funk and my 80% deaf Alpha Man singing at the top of his lungs and my head about to fall off:

Me: Who sings this song?

Him: Bruno Mars

Me: Then let them sing it!!!

Yeah. It’s a tough crowd in this house . . . Okay, I have to go back to writing my book now. Hopefully writing THE END very soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh man, it’s never a dull moment with your family! The pants, Lordy, LOL!!! Hope you find some peace and quiet.

  2. Loved the pants one – especially because I’m a retired teacher and saw too much of the baggy pants trend. Should’ve said he could have gotten frost bite on his privates if they were covered up.

  3. It will ALL be okay, Jill…as long as you purchased cookies at the store… Breathe… And write… (You guys crack me up!)

  4. It’s always crazy around my house to but not that bad .I hate when I’m trying to type what I’m trying to say and my husband picks that time to make noise or ask stupid questions.Like he’s doing now.

  5. I found a great “cheater” way to quickly find out the correct spelling of words. I use the microphone thingie on my cell phone and say the word (as if to look it up) and it immediately pops up on my screen … along with a definition.

  6. That hilarious 😂. By the way Anout That KISS was great! Appreciate what you go through to bring us such fabulous reading.

  7. Some of these conversations sound familiar, especially the one with Alpha Man singing in the car. Love the family stories.

  8. Oh Jill – you crack me up. Love your family conversation stories.

    Take care & hope you finish soon.

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