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  1. Love the blooper! I have terrible arthritis in several fingers which results in some hilarious spellings of words.😊 Fortunately I am a rabid editor of my own typing.

  2. Of COURSE you are the only one, Jill! Yeah. No. I like the one that happens to me sometimes: ‘does not’ becomes ‘doe snot’. Hooboy.

  3. You definitely aren’t. Since breaking two fingers on my left hand, typos have been even worse, especially since they don’t want to do what I ask them to do.

  4. I work with patients and luckily I caught it before it was saved in a record but prone/ porn…. Spellcheck didn’t catch it. Why would it?!
    Also, I turned off my phone’s autocorrect when it changed freeway to ferret. Why? I haven’t a clue….

  5. I’m pretty sure is happens more often that you think. I remember reading a book that took place in Washington state about an event that happened 80 decades ago, we weren’t even a country then and I couldn’t let it go so I emailed the author. The book was written 20 years ago. (It was one of those should I or shouldn’t I moments) Well she emailed me back to say she and her husband got a kick out of it, but at least she acknowledged me.

  6. You are definitely not the only one who has typos. I am glad there is spell check to let me know – although sometimes I make those that are real words but then it doesn’t make sense.

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