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So Frat Boy and I were on our morning hike through the woods, and when I say woods, you all know by now I mean some pretty seriously isolated woods in the Northern California Sierras. I was moving along at a good clip because there’ve been a lot of bears and coyotes this year.

Well, that and the fact that I have consumed too many cookies lately and I’m not going to fit into my writer clothes when conference season starts up in spring. But I digress.

As we’re moving along, I’m happily wailing at the top of my lungs to Bruno Mars when Frat Boy goes off trail, stands at the bottom of a huge, old tree and barks. Huh. I go to stand next to him, tip my head back to peer two hundred and fifty feet up to the top of the tree, and then BAM. The next thing I know I’m sitting on my ass in the dirt, my head spinning.

A squirrel had beaned me with a pinecone.

Still dizzy, I call Alpha Man. “You’re not going to believe this.”

“Does it require stitches or a cast?”

To be fair, he has good reason to ask me such a question. “No.”

“The bank account thanks you.”

Honest to God, he’s so sweet and sensitive and loving it boggles the mind. Anyway, so now I have to add squirrels to my list of rabid creatures to avoid…

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  1. It wouldn’t be nice to say publicly how much I detest squirrels. Next time, take a slingshot and SHOOT IT BACK! >:-)

  2. Oh dear that made me laugh (sorry) but I have just come out of hospital as been ill over Christmas and new year so really needed to smile thank you x

  3. Don’t get between a squirrel and it’s food source. They are mean little rodents! I hope your tush has recoveredfrom this tramatic experience.

    1. To be fair, I could no more come up with original, funny material for fans on a daily (or even an hourly) basis than fly to the moon… no harm, no foul.
      Kudos on keeping us laughing, Jill…

  4. Squirrels are mean little critters. They chew up stuff like lawn chair cushions & bird feeders. Wish they would stay out of my yard but guess they can’t read the ‘No Squirrel’ crossing sign!

    Happy you are ok.

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