I Love Lucy strikes again

So I went to sign into my computer — except I was typing my password in wrong, and if you do it three times in a row they kick you out and you have to answer your security questions. Only I did those wrong too because I’m an idiot.

And then when I finally got it right, it asked me to authorize my computer, and when I tried, it said I didn’t have the ability to authorize my computer.

Apparently that’s above my pay grade.

So I had to call Apple, and the guy was perfectly lovely, even if I did hear “you’re an idiot” in his tone. But all is well now that it’s three hours later and I’ve done nothing but yell at my laptop.

Which actually, now that I think of it, I blame MONDAYS.

Because I’m stressed and can’t remember what I was going to write about, let’s do a giveaway. Tell me a favorite scene from one of my books, and you’re in the running.

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  1. My favorite scene is from Lost and Found Sisters when Quinn climbs the tree to talk to Tilly, gets stung by a bee, has an allergic reaction and has to be rescued. I remember her laying on the ground looking at the sky. πŸ˜ƒ

  2. ANY scene with Sawyer in it…I remember when he cleaned up her cut from the fencing…or the shower…or the delivery…

  3. I LOVED the airport/note scene from Chasing Christmas Eve πŸ™‚ it made me laugh out loud while sitting in lobby of busy car oil change place.

  4. When I need a laugh, I reread Forever and a Day scene where Grace is bouncing between her mom and Josh on a call and keeps mixing them up. Love that scene!

  5. My favorite scene from Accidently On Purpose is when Elle tries to grill steaks for her and Archer for dinner.

  6. Oh Lord, Jill how am I supposed to pick a single favorite scene? There are so many awesome ones you’ve written! I can’t even remember half my passwords for different websites etc. Life would be easier too if they all had the same requirements… I mean one of every type character and letter ever conceived of in every language unless you are creating the password on Friday then no uppercase or special characters at beginning or end. πŸ™ƒ

  7. So many memorable scenes to choose from. One of my favorite passages was when Ford and Tara were on the dock together and Mia approached them. After very brief interaction, both Tara and Ford knew Mia was theirs. So sweet.

  8. My all time favorite, is when Maddie discovers the joys of the spin cycle on the washing machine on Simple Irresistible

  9. My favorite scene is from Sweet Little Lies. It is when Pru goes into Finn’s bar for wings and throws a dart. She ends up accidentally hitting Finn in the chest and then helps him put a bandaid on it.

  10. My favorite would probably be the Airport also in Chasing Christmas Eve. Might be also because I just reread it.

  11. One of my favorites is when Maddie and Jax share their first kiss and after that he raises his hand towards her and she flinches. And he realizes that she had been hit before. And then he drives her home and they make out. This was the first book of yours I’ve read. It holds a special place in my heart. πŸ™‚

  12. Hate getting locked out my computer!
    My favorite scene was her lying on the end of the dock, hideously hungover, and him giving her grief but snickering inside!
    Can’t remember the title/names but have never forgotten that scene! πŸ˜‰

  13. In Slow Heat when Sam had to play catcher in a charity game and was taking pointers from Wade. Still one of my favorite books! πŸ™‚

  14. Anything involving the dumb waiter and/or poker nights.

    The 3yo locked himself out of my ipad yesterday and then cried as we had no sympathy for him and told him it was his fault. He’s a delicate snowflake though.

  15. Nothing will ever beat the killing of the loveseat. Everyone knowing about it and no one speaking of it, at first. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!

  16. Rumor Has It. Little Tommy at the table in the restaurant spells out S-L-U-T and then proudly pronounces the word!! I laughed so hard at that scene!!

  17. I think one of my favourite scenes is from simply irresistible when Maddie learns the value of the spin cycle of the washer! 😊

  18. Favorite scene? Finn in the elevator without his clothes (mostly) and the fun of discovery by everyone when the doors opened from Sweet Little Lies.

  19. Archer & Elle when they break the loveseat. Also love, love, love the outdoor shower scene with Sawyer & Chloe in Head Over Heals!!

  20. When Pru nails Finn with the dart in Sweet Little Lies. This is my favorite series ever! ❀️

  21. ” My eyes ! ”
    What Stone said when Annie tried to seduce Nick in ” Instant Attraction “. It makes me laugh whenever I think of it ! Hahaha ! πŸ™‚

  22. Because whatever I am reading (re-reading) is my favorite, my morning fav scene, “If it has tires or testicles it’s gonna give you trouble.” Best line ever.

  23. Animal Magnetism – when Dell teaches Jade to fight, and then it leads to more, and then Adam walks in, and then he goes after her. You all know the rest. Swoon.

  24. Good Morning! I keep my passwords in my phone .Phone tore up and no passwords .What a nightmare .
    I love all the scenes .In chasing Christmas eve the airport scene with Colbie.

  25. My favorite scene was in β€œChasing Christmas Eve”, when Colbie and Spence reunited in the pub on Christmas Eve.

  26. In Time Out where Rainy assigns Mark the girls team to coach but he doesn’t hear it because he is day dreaming about her.

  27. I’m going old school. I loved the scene in Instant Attraction where Cam comes back to the lodge and adventure business that he runs with his brothers to find Katie asleep in his bed.

  28. Welcome to my world Jill LOL. I frequently do this. I got a password keeper on my phone so I can remember all the passwords to various things and even when I do that I can type it in wrong. I’ve once been locked out of my desktop Windows computer I’m had to call the company to have them reset initially. Good luck!

  29. There are so many but I think my favorite is the Colbie airport scene with the notes in Chasing Christmas Eve

  30. One of my favorite parts of your books is when Stone Wilder has to get his full β€œprivate” exam by Doc Emma!

  31. No easy way to pick a favorite. But one of my favorites is when Olivia tried to “save” Cole from drowning. Poor Cole!

  32. I liked the airport scene at the beginning of “Chasing Christmas Eve” where the agents are going through Colbie’s bags and see all her notes.

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